Blue Bell Boy
Boardwalk Empire | Season 3 | Episode 4

Blue Bell Boy

TV-MA | 56 MIN

Written by David Stenn
Directed by Kari Skogland

After learning of Sheriff Sickles' murder, Nucky rounds up Owen and his men at Mickey's warehouse and orders them to take the back roads to New York City for all of Rothstein's shipments, avoiding Tabor Heights completely. Mickey protests, as the back roads are covered in ice and unpredictable. The crew looks to Owen for approval of the new plan, drawing Nucky's ire. He asks Owen what's being done about Rowland Smith and Owen reminds him that job was left to Manny Horvitz. "Where's he been lately?" Nucky counters, passing the job to Owen. Later, Eli asks Nucky to let him handle the Gyp Rosetti problem, but Nucky refuses: "Allowing you to simply go to jail is the last gift I'll ever give you."

Al Capone discovers a bruise on his son's face and learns he's being bullied at school. He tries to teach his son how to fight, but the boy breaks down in tears.

Meanwhile, Margaret and Dr. Mason meet with Sister Agnes, who is reviewing teaching materials for the new women's health clinic. She takes issue with nearly every medical term, deeming it "infelicitous language." Margaret questions their ability to properly educate women if they can't speak candidly.

Agent Sawicki brings Nucky and Owen to Rowland Smith's discovered hideout which is stacked floor to ceiling with stolen liquor, at least half from their operation. Owen offers to take care of Smith once he arrives, trying to oblige Nucky's earlier request for "low profiles." Nucky refuses the offer.

Mickey and Eli head to Tabor Heights and argue with the new Sheriff Ramsey about Gyp Rosetti getting away with murder. Ramsey assures them they're clear to send the convoy through the following night and that he and his men will be "taking care of it."

Plans change when Rowland Smith arrives at his hideout and tells Nucky that he's a month shy of sixteen. Owen again asks Nucky how he wants to handle the situation, offering to accept responsibility for the robbery if Nucky wants to let the young Smith go. Before they can proceed, the hideout is raided by federal agents (in Waxey Gordon's pocket), who have been tracking Smith. When the Prohees execute Nucky's bodyguards, Nucky, Owen, and Rowland are forced to hide in the cellar overnight until they leave.

Jake Guzik makes a collection for Torrio on the South Side, where he is confronted by Joe Miller, Dean O'Banion's right hand man. Not looking to fight, Guzik tries to leave, but Miller attacks him anyway.

In New York City, Meyer Lanksy and Lucky Luciano oversee Benny Siegel cutting a batch of heroin. Siegel demands more involvement in the business after his scuffle with Joe Masseria's men. A nervous Luciano tells Lansky he's been summoned by Masseria to discuss his share of their heroin profits.

Unable to reach Nucky, Eli pleads with Mickey that sending the convoy through Tabor Heights is dangerous. Desperate to get the liquor shipment to Rothstein, Mickey ignores him, but warns his men, "You stop for no one - not even the law." Eli goes ahead to investigate Tabor Heights on his own, where he learns that Gyp is preparing to ambush them with Sheriff Ramsey.

On the boardwalk, Margaret hands out flyers to advertise the women's clinic with little success. She bumps into Mrs. Shearer who refuses Margaret's invitation to attend a class, insisting she knows plenty on the topic, despite her miscarriage. Mr. Shearer tells Margaret that when his wife is up to it, they'll try to have another baby.

Back at Smith's hideout, the Prohees finally leave taking all the liquor, but without discovering Nucky, Owen, and Rowland in the cellar. In the clear, Rowland appeals to Nucky for a job, revealing that he's actually nineteen. Nucky shoots him dead, sending a message to Owen about who's in charge.

A bloody Guzik returns to Capone, more upset about the ridicule he received from Miller than the beating. Furious, Capone tracks down Miller and beats him to death in retribution.

Luciano meets with Masseria and offers a 2% cut of heroin profits in Masseria's territory. Masseria demands a 30% cut, warning Luciano that Lanksy and Rothstein will betray him because they're "not his people."

Outside of Tabor Heights, Eli attempts to warn the convoy, but they blow past him and straight into the ambush. In Chicago, Capone comforts his son by singing to him, Margaret learns that Carrie Duncan's plane has crashed, and Eli meets Nucky in front of the Ritz to tell him about the massacre in Tabor Heights.