Spaghetti & Coffee
Boardwalk Empire | Season 3 | Episode 2

Spaghetti & Coffee

TV-MA | 58 MIN

Written by Howard Korder
Directed by Alik Sakharov

A withered Eli is released from state prison and is surprised to find Mickey Doyle there to pick him up. In accordance with Nucky's wishes, Eli now works for Mickey at his distillery. Reluctantly, Eli accepts the ride but not the job offer.

Gyp Rosetti takes in Tabor Heights, and with the aid of an unwitting gas jock, ascertains that the station is the last fill up ‘till Staten Island - a crucial checkpoint along Nucky's liquor trafficking route to Arnold Rothstein in New York.

Nucky carries on his tryst with Billie Kent in her New York City apartment. His bliss is short-lived, however, once Billie takes a flirtatious phone call in his presence. His jealousy grows when he finds unfamiliar beard trimmings in a safety razor in her bathroom cabinet.

Samuel Crawford pays Chalky White a visit at his club seeking his daughter, Maybelle's, hand in marriage: "I intend to make a place for myself in this world, and I'd like Maybelle by my side as I do." Testing his doctor skills, Chalky requests an impromptu checkup from Samuel, who tells him he suffers merely from a mineral deficiency. Pleased with Samuel's assessment, Chalky welcomes him to the family.

Margaret tries a different tactic to get the women's clinic at St. Theresa's Hospital launched by appealing to a recovering Mrs. Shearer and is surprised when Mrs. Shearer tells her that she doesn't need medical advice or instruction - "not after bringing nine into this world - five that lived." Later, Margaret insists to a doubtful Dr. Mason that she can find a way to change Dr. Landau's mind about the clinic.

Nucky heads to the Hotel Astor to drop off Daugherty's protection payoff, but finds an empty suite - and a voice ordering him to place his payment in a fishbowl. "Forty thousand dollars and I don't know who I'm giving it to?" he asks. When Nucky starts to leave, the middleman reveals himself as Gaston Means, a Special Investigator with the U.S. Department of Justice.

Eli and Mickey stop in Tabor Heights to pay off Sheriff Sickles, paving the way for Nucky's convoy to pass through the following night. Later, Sheriff Sickles confronts Gyp in the town diner and tries to run him out of town, insinuating he knows about Gyp's criminal intentions.

Maybelle tells her father she has reservations about Samuel's proposal - she'd prefer someone "interesting" like her father. "Your momma work for this - work all her days to raise you for're marryin' that boy," Chalky tells her, angry that she romanticizes a criminal life over a more secure future.

Eli arrives home and sees how much his children have grown in his absence. June tells him that their eldest son Willie took a job at the lumberyard to make ends meet. Determined to give his son and family the life they had prior to his arrest, Eli swallows his pride and goes to work at Mickey's warehouse.

During his visit with Rothstein, Nucky confuses the date of his next liquor delivery, prompting Rothstein to imply Nucky should pay more attention to his business and less to Billie Kent. Later, the affair continues to stir trouble at home when the maid passes along Nucky's message that he won't be attending the St. Gregory Award ceremony. "I'm afraid he's mistaken," Margaret says, ordering his suit to be prepared anyway.

That night, Billie and Nucky have drinks with her friend Viola, where he watches Billie flirt with another man. Meanwhile, Nucky's crew prepares to leave for New York City. Owen offers Eli an extra fifty dollars to ride along. "I didn't come for a handout. Anyway, I don't have a piece," Eli tells him. Taking the hint, Owen hands him his gun. The convoy finds trouble when they pull into the Tabor Heights filling station and Sheriff Sickles, strong-armed by Gyp Rosetti, refuses to let them fuel up.

Maybelle takes Samuel to Chalky's club hoping to loosen him up, but Samuel is slashed in the face by a man with a switchblade. On Chalky's orders, Dunn Purnsley beats the attacker into a bloody pulp. Chalky confronts a terrified Maybelle asking her, "Am I interesting now?"

Owen attempts to reach Nucky about the trouble in Tabor Heights, but when the phone rings at Billie's, he instructs her not to answer it, assuming it's another suitor. Unable to reach Nucky, the crew heads back to Atlantic City. Nucky reveals to Billie his wish for "everything to run all by itself."