The Age of Reason
Boardwalk Empire | Season 2 | Episode 6

The Age of Reason

TV-MA | 58 MIN

Written by Bathsheba Doran
Directed by Jeremy Podeswa

Laboring Alone

Agent Van Alden reads from his Bible, concerned about Agent Clarkson who has been hospitalized with severe burns from Doyle's warehouse explosion. Lucy, also uncomfortable, asks him to bring home lemons. After she finishes her lunch, her water breaks. She calls to the neighbor boy across the way to get help, but he shuts the blinds on her.

Setting a Good Example

Father Brennan quizzes Teddy in preparation for his First Confession. Nucky grows impatient and leaves, but Margaret remains. Father Brennan surprises her with the news he is expecting her to give her own confession. Returning home, Margaret once again notices the attraction between Owen and Katy and warns her to behave properly.

Nickel and Diming

George Remus calls Nucky to thank him for the connection to Jess Smith. When Nucky presses him for a finder's fee, Remus criticizes him for his "nickel and diming," still annoyed about the phone charges he incurred in the past as Nucky's guest in Atlantic City. Nucky tucks a $10 bill into Teddy's confirmation gift … and then swaps it out with a $20.

A Change in Venue

Chip Thorogood successfully argues to have Nucky's case moved from state to federal court. Thorogood, Icky Ginsburg and Eddie celebrate while Nucky calls Harry Daugherty with his thanks. Daugherty tells Nucky to take care of Thorogood—he's a longtime friend of his father's—and Nucky instructs Eddie to take care of the boy's needs.

A Lesson in Prudence

Leander Whitlock meets with the Commodore, Gillian and Jimmy. Whitlock is impressed by Nucky's ploy with the Attorney General; his praise agitates the Commodore who then leaves. When Whitlock questions Jimmy's response to Jackson Parkhurst, Gillian defends her son, prompting Whitlock to ask to speak with Jimmy privately. Whitlock advises Jimmy, "not every insult requires a response," and recalls a time when the Commodore himself was imprudent. Jimmy assures Whitlock he'll finish what he's started.

Guilty Consciences

Van Alden joins Supervisor Elliot and Agent Sawicki in the hospital to visit Agent Clarkson. Van Alden prays over the horribly burned man and is startled when Clarkson calls out to him: "I know." Shaken, Van Alden runs out for the doctor and then calls Rose. Distraught, he tells her: "I'm neither fit for you nor am I fit to wear this badge."

After making love, Margaret asks Nucky if he still finds her attractive. She lets him know that Father Brennan is expecting a confession from her but refuses to share what she plans to say, despite Nucky's concern. "If you're feeling guilt, I suggest you take that up with a priest yourself," she says.

New Alliances

Nucky makes plans with Chalky, Bill McCoy, Waxey Gordon and his man Chayem Kauffman, along with Rothstein and his men Lucky and Lanksy, for the safe delivery of McCoy's shipment to Atlantic City. Walking along the Boardwalk with Angela, Jimmy spots Chayem with Waxey and Nucky. He draws his wife in for a kiss and they pass without noticing him.

Jimmy tells Manny Horvitz he spotted Chayem on the Boardwalk with Nucky and Manny's nemesis, Waxey Gordon. Manny promises to investigate. When Jimmy returns to his butcher shop, Chayem hangs by his feet from a meat hook. Pleading for mercy, Chayem reveals the details of Nucky's incoming liquor shipment from McCoy, but at Manny's prompting, Jimmy slices Chayem's throat.

Senator Edge visits Harry Daugherty to discuss his interest in the Bureau of Veteran's Affairs, which he knows to be corrupt. Edge promises to overlook the matter if Daugherty appoints a serious prosecutor to Nucky's case. Understanding the threat, the Attorney General breaks the news to Nucky and Eddie immediately goes to Thorogood's suite and tells him he has five minutes to pack his things.

Examinations of Conscience

Owen comes across Margaret cleaning up after breakfast and assures her he and Katy will show respect in her home. Taking the broom from Margaret, his hand touches hers. In the confessional, Margaret admits that she has feelings for a man who works for her. Later, Margaret tells Nucky that her confession needn't concern him.

Van Alden draws Supervisor Elliot aside at the hospital, but before he can admit anything, Agent Clarkson stirs again and repeats, "I see you. I know." Van Alden realizes Clarkson is remembering a moment from his childhood and hurries out without speaking to Elliot.

In the Open

Van Alden arrives home with a bag of lemons and finds Lucy has given birth, alone. He rushes out to get a doctor and when he returns, he finds Rose caring for Lucy. Rose refuses to hear Van Alden's explanations and flees the apartment.

A blown tire and a hail of bullets stop Lucky and Lansky's convoy. When Jimmy calls out for them to drop their weapons, they realize who they are dealing with. Jimmy, Harrow and Horvitz make a deal with Lucky and Lansky—the liquor will go on to Nucky as scheduled but later they'll team up and find a way to take it all. It is agreed that Nucky and Rothstein's time has passed. When Waxey's driver protests, Manny shoots him.