To the Lost
Boardwalk Empire | Season 2 | Episode 12

To the Lost

TV-MA | 57 MIN

Written by Terence Winter
Directed by Tim Van Patten

Brokered Meets
Wearing masks, Jimmy and Harrow violently interrupt a Klan gathering and demand the names of the men who attacked Chalky's warehouse. They get two names and grab the third man, who tries to make a run for it. Jimmy and Harrow deliver the three terrified Klansmen to Chalky, along with $20,000 in cash for the families of the men who died - more than Chalky requested. Chalky agrees to call off the strike, and to deliver a message to Nucky: Jimmy is ready to talk.

Manny Horvitz, hiding out in a Philadelphia synagogue, meets with Nucky and Mickey Doyle. He offers a trade: They give him Waxey; he'll give them Jimmy. When Nucky doubts that Manny is in a state to go after Jimmy, Manny reveals he's the one who murdered Angela. Nucky says he'll consider the proposition.

Complicated Relationships
Accompanied by Father Brennan, Margaret asks to speak to Esther Randolph alone. Randolph tells her she will put her on the stand, but how she is portrayed will depend on whether she cooperates. Although Margaret claims she has never seen Nucky's cruelty, Randolph reminds her she doesn't need to see it to know it exists.

Owen and Nucky arrive at Jimmy's, but Jimmy asks Owen to step out. When Jimmy says Manny Horvitz was responsible for Angela's murder, Nucky claims not to know him. Jimmy confides that he killed the Commodore, fulfilling a dream he has had since he was a boy. He explains that he was angry and wanted more power, but it was really Eli who wanted Nucky dead. Jimmy asks for a chance to set things right.

Leander Whitlock provides Jimmy with a doctored death certificate listing the Commodore's passing as an accident. He shows Jimmy and Gillian a will dating back to 1914 leaving everything to Louanne, the maid who tried to poison him. Jimmy rips up the will and refuses Gillian's advice. When his men arrive, Jimmy surprises Jim Neary, Paddy Ryan and Ward Boss Boyd by asking them to recant their testimony and pin the blame on Eli instead.

A Wedding, a Suicide and a Mistrial
Nucky tells Margaret that he might not believe in her God, but he has put his love into the family they made together. Aware that his legal situation is precarious, he proposes to Margaret: "I need you to marry me...So you won't have to testify." The next morning, after seeing Teddy and Nucky encouraging Emily to walk, she informs Nucky she will marry him once she makes a full confession.

Nucky and Margaret wed. Elsewhere, Esther Randolph prepares her opening statement against him; Jimmy and Harrow force Jim Neary to write a confession at gunpoint. As Neary finishes, Harrow shoots him in the head, changing the confession to a suicide note.

With her case dissolving because of Neary's death, Nucky's marriage and the recantation of testimony, Esther Randolph accuses Bill Fallon of witness tampering. With no evidence to support it, the judge advises Randolph to get her "ducks in a row" and declares a mistrial. Although Eli is released, Dep. Halloran is charged with murder; with no conviction for Nucky, his plea agreement is void.

Best Offers
Nucky shares his good news with Margaret. Unsure if she thinks he's responsible for his sudden good fortune, he changes the subject by telling her the road appropriations have been approved.

Nucky visits Eli who swears it was Jimmy who ordered the hit. Nucky tells Eli to plead guilty, promising to look after his family for the year he's in jail - and warning him it's the best offer he'll get.

Lucky and Lansky show Arnold Rothstein a sample of heroin and invite him to join in their business. Nucky calls during the meeting and gets Rothstein's OK to off Manny Horvitz.

Agent Van Alden, Sigrid and baby Abigail relocate to Cicero, Illinois and move into a new apartment under the name Mr. and Mrs. Mueller.

Jimmy takes Tommy for a pony ride on the beach and watches as the boy rides away. When Nucky calls that evening with Horvitz's location, Jimmy heads out but refuses to let Harrow join him. Gillian gets ready to put Tommy to bed and realizes that Jimmy has given him his dog tags.

Jimmy arrives at the War Memorial to find Nucky, Manny, Eli and Owen all waiting for him. Knowing it was a set up from the beginning, he tells Nucky he already died in a trench years back. Nucky tells him this is the only way things could end, and then shoots Jimmy.

In the morning, Nucky tells Margaret he was out late clearing the air with Jimmy, who has decided to re-enlist. Nucky heads out to join his team (Mayor Bader, Ernie Moran and Ward Boss Fleming) to celebrate the new highway project. Margaret takes the land deed and transfers ownership to the Catholic church.