Georgia Peaches
Boardwalk Empire | Season 2 | Episode 10

Georgia Peaches

TV-MA | 59 MIN

Written by Dave Flebotte
Directed by Jeremy Podeswa

The Going Rate

The city's black workers strike on the Boardwalk. Owen Sleater oversees the arrival of a shipment of Irish oats-cases that are actually filled with Irish whiskey. He sells 400 of them to the hotel manager of the Ritz for half the going rate.

On the Outs

The family visits Emily as she convalesces at the hospital. Dr. Holt tells Margaret Emily won't die but she'll be crippled. Teddy watches as Margaret and Nucky worry over his sister.

Agent Van Alden remarks on Sigrid's ease with baby Abigail and she explains she is the oldest of seven. He opens a letter from Rose with her petition for divorce.

Nucky, already short-tempered because he has lost his office at the Ritz, fires Icky Ginsburg and decides to pursue Bill Fallon, Rothstein's lawyer.

Unhappy Partners and Investors

Jimmy, Capone, and Lucky meet at Mickey Doyle's warehouse to check on their investment. Doyle warns Jimmy that Manny Horvitz is still making noise about the money he's owed but Jimmy insists he's Waxey Gordon's problem now. Acknowledging that the market is still small, Lucky gives Jimmy a sample of heroin to share with the locals. At the Commodore's, Jimmy gets an earful about the strike from suffering local business leaders. Eli takes note when Neary mentions he saw Halloran sweating in Esther Randolph's office. Jimmy's suggestion to give a nickel raise to black workers is rejected as a bad precedent; Eli advocates for strikebreakers. When Jimmy argues against starting a riot, the Commodore manages to call him a coward.

Teddy Takes New York

At bedtime, Teddy tells Margaret he can't feel his legs. She slaps him hard when she sees he is kidding. Nucky, concerned Margaret is wearing herself thin, offers to take Teddy to New York with him when he meets with Fallon. At the meeting, Fallon offers Teddy a ball signed by Ty Cobb and then reveals he has a drawer full of identical baseballs. Nucky agrees to the lawyer's hourly rate but informs him he has no money for bribes. Nucky tells Teddy he had a sick sister too, but he always knew that his parents loved him. When Teddy asks if Nucky is in trouble, he admits people think he did something wrong, and Teddy assumes it was his burning down Ethan's house. Nucky tries to explain that was accidental, but Teddy promises he won't tell.

Switching Sides

Strike-breakers violently attack the workers on the Boardwalk. Deputy Halloran is also viciously beaten. Recuperating, he expresses confusion as to why he was attacked and Eli suggests he think about what he might have done. After Eli leaves, Halloran calls Esther Randolph.

Market Corrections

Jimmy asks Chalky to end the strike, offering to talk to the governor about making Chalky's murder charge disappear and giving $3000 for each of the families of his dead men. Unsatisfied, Chalky asks for the three Klansmen responsible. Jimmy says no and Chalky says there will always be next tourist season.

With the city now awash in Nucky's Irish whiskey, Jimmy and his gang reconvene at Doyle's warehouse. Capone and Lucky complain Jimmy doesn't have the power he promised. With so much money at stake, Lansky suggests they sell the Remus alcohol in each of their cities. On Mickey's advice to avoid Philly, Jimmy tells everyone to sell in their respective towns, he'll head North.

Encouraged Confessions

Esther Randolph helps Van Alden prepare for his testimony against Nucky. When she asks about Hans Schroeder, Van Alden says although he has no direct proof of Nucky's involvement in his death, he has no doubt about it. Convinced, Randolph arrests Eli and advises him to share what he knows about Nucky.

Mickey travels to Philadelphia to see Manny Horvitz and deliver $5000 worth of whiskey. Manny blames Jimmy for the attempt on his life, but Mickey says it's Waxey who's responsible. Manny agrees to take the liquor for the debt, and then beats Mickey until he reveals Jimmy's whereabouts.

At church, Margaret prays for Emily and asks Father Brennan for guidance. He tells her she needs to demonstrate her devotion to God. Later, Margaret returns with her jewelry, along with an envelope of cash and delivers it to Father Brennan.

Last Words

Jimmy tells Angela he needs to go away for a few days. Acknowledging her unhappiness, he promises once things get settled, he'll be the person she wants him to be. The two of them head for the bedroom. That evening, Manny Horvitz enters Angela's bedroom while she sleeps. He shoots her companion and is confused to learn he has killed Louise, her bohemian friend she met at the beach. Angela begs for her life in vain.

Teddy puts the Ty Cobb baseball in a cigar box of treasures containing a family photo with his biological father, Hans. With crates of whiskey in the back, Jimmy drives towards Princeton.