A Dangerous Maid
Boardwalk Empire | Season 2 | Episode 3

A Dangerous Maid

TV-MA | 56 MIN

Written by Itamar Moses
Directed by Susanna White

Pre-partum Oppression

Lucy Danziger interrupts Nelson Van Alden at breakfast, begging to get out of the apartment: "This isn't a jail, Nelson!" she protests. Van Alden reminds her that she's being paid for her discretion; she'll be free once the baby is born. A visit from Eddie Cantor brings Lucy to tears: "Just seeing you reminds me of everything I'm missing," she says. Cantor is stunned to learn Lucy has been knocked up by a married Prohibition agent she met in a speakeasy. He cheers her up with Vaudeville gossip and a script for an upcoming production titled "A Dangerous Maid."

Returning home, Van Alden catches Lucy practicing lines from the script. He takes it and reminds her she is not to have any guests.

Private Investigations

Margaret Schroeder tells Nucky Thompson she knows he's heavily invested in a land deal so she's economized by returning some recent clothing purchases. Nucky instructs her to retrieve them, they must act as if nothing has changed. Margaret secretly reviews a package she received from the Pinkerton Detective Agency regarding her family, the Rohan's, who immigrated from Ireland to Brooklyn. She shares the information with Nucky who encourages her to call them, which Katy does at Margaret's behest. The two learn the Peggy Rohan Margaret is looking for died ten years ago. Later, Katy catches Margaret sobbing behind closed doors.

Supply and Demands

When Damien Fleming complains about an unusually light envelope, Lolly Steinman points out successful casinos need alcohol and Nucky is barely providing any. Owen Sleater, setting up the bar, hears Lolly threaten to get his supply elsewhere.

At the yacht club with Jimmy and Eli, the Commodore tells Bill McCoy he wants to buy his liquor. When McCoy's loyalty remains with Nucky, the Commodore resorts to another plan.

Al Capone informs Nucky that his services are no longer necessary in Chicago. Annoyed that Torrio sent an underling, Nucky refuses the cash Capone offers as a token of their goodwill.

In New York, Rothstein, accompanied by Lucky Luciano and Meyer Lansky, sits down with Joe Masseria. Masseria demands a cut of Lansky's card game and compensation for the deaths of his two nephews in Tompkins Square Park. Rothstein brokers a deal: $2000 for the families of the dead men, and a 10 percent cut of the card game to Masseria. Lucky and Lansky are powerless to argue.

Parental Control

Catching up with Jimmy, Capone can't believe his plan to oust Nucky is to put him in jail. "Have Frankenstein drill a hole in his noggin," he suggests, gesturing at Harrow. Capone notices Jimmy interact with his healthy son.

As Gillian gives Jimmy a manicure, he questions how she can forgive the Commodore but he can't forgive Nucky. Entering, Angela asks why Nucky needs to be forgiven, but Gillian and Jimmy refuse to explain. Jimmy ponders pursuing a simpler life, but his mother tells him he was born to lead.

Eli tries to get Ethan, his bedridden father cleaned up, but he is more interested in a newspaper story about his son and the trouble he's in. Eli realizes that Ethan is confusing him with Nucky—it's Eli he has no confidence in.

Free Advice

Nucky calls Attorney General Harry Daugherty to take care of election fraud charges. Although sympathetic, Daugherty tells Nucky his hands are tied—he can only intervene on a federal level. Owen finds Nucky stewing in his office and offers up his services: He can make people stop "whatever it is you don't want them to be doing." Just then Eddie interrupts to report McCoy's ships are being seized by the Coast Guard. Back at the casino, Owen prevents Lolly from placing a liquor order with Richard Harrow.

Van Alden pays Doyle for a tip about the location of a speakeasy. Clocking Van Alden's interest in a poster of a scantily clad woman, Doyle advises him to "treat a queen like a whore and whore like a queen."

New Attitudes

Lucy teeters on the staircase, but the delivery of a new phonograph from Van Alden prevents her from throwing herself down them. Margaret surprises her staff by joining them for a drink and encouraging them to call her Margaret.

When Nucky, Margaret, Mayor Bader and his wife, arrive at Babette's for dinner, they spot the Commodore and Jimmy dining with Gov. Edwards. Nucky refuses to dine elsewhere, but loses his temper when he learns the kitchen is out of lobster. Storming over, he knocks the Commodore's lobster off his table and promises that he will see them all ruined. Back at home, Angela asks Jimmy how dinner was with his father. "Which one?" he answers.

Katy whispers to Margaret when she arrives home from dinner—she knows she's the Peggy Rohan she enquired about. Margaret icily reminds Katy to know her place.