Good Guys and Bad Guys
Big Love | Season 2 | Episode 7

Good Guys and Bad Guys

TV-MA | 54 MIN

Directed by Michael Lehmann
Written by Mark V. Olsen & Will Scheffer

nThe family starts off the morning in conference: Margene's mother Ginger has decided to visit. Because things went so badly with telling Barb's family about the sister-wives, the plan is to have Ginger get to know Barb and Nicki before breaking the news. "We have to get things right this time," declares Bill.

nLois is moving money out of her secret stash when Frank creeps in. As he inventories Lois' new wealth, she reveals only that her brother Eddie helped her with some seed money for a Laundromat. Frank insists he's entitled to half. Lois responds by tossing some money out the door and locking him out.

nAt work, Bill moves to salvage the Weber deal despite the threats both he and Carter Reese have been subjected to by the Greenes. He assures Reese that he's the "good guy" who can be entrusted with the company. Calling Hollis Greene as Don and Reese listen in on speakerphone, Bill tells Hollis he tried to get Roman to reconsider making a play for Weber gaming, but Roman refused. Inflamed, Hollis hints that Juniper Creek will regret the decision, and tells Bill he has behaved honorably. After Reese leaves, Don worries that Bill is playing with fire, but Bill refuses to budge.

nAs Margene gives her mother a tour of the house, Ginger comments on how crowded the yards - now separated by fencing - seem to be. Margene explains it's not a problem because the neighbors are friendly, if a bit conservative. When Margene passes on Ginger's offer of Stoli and tells her she's also given up caffeine and smoking due to her pregnancy, Ginger is unimpressed: "Tell me you love him," she says.

nOver dinner, Ginger teases Bill that it can't be easy living between such attractive single women. She especially takes to Nicki, who beams brightly from the attention. Barb excuses herself to take a call from Joey. He's stuck in Idaho and asks her to bring Wanda home from the hospital. Barb, who has never visited the compound without Bill, hesitatingly agrees.

nAfter dinner, Ginger praises Margene, "You have the whole nine yards," and the two share a hug. With everything going so well, Margene is reluctant to tell Ginger about their lifestyle just yet. "She deserves to be taken into our confidence," says Bill, but leaves the decision to her. Upstairs, stealing a smoke by the window, Ginger spots Bill kissing Barb goodnight.

nLois catches Frank searching her house for bank records and tells him she has no account. Frank tells her he's found out that Eddie left Canada under a cloud. "Tell me where the loot is or I'm gonna beat you to kingdom come," he growls before leaving.

nWith the news still filled with stories of the FBI still looking for Orlean Abbot, Don's concerns about laying low metastasize-he's even thinking of sending some of his family away. But Bill stands firm: the deal is legal and the industry is comfortable with their lifestyle. "The only three that want this business is Roman, the Greenes and you," points out Don. "What does that say about you?"

nConfiding in Nicki about what she saw between Bill and Barb, Ginger complains that her daughter has always clung to losers and oddballs. When Nicki hints there's more to the story, Ginger forces her to keep talking, and it's Nicki who reveals the family's status to a shocked Ginger.

nBarb and Wanda are at Lois' house trying to reclaim Joey Jr. when Frank arrives. Frank rejects Wanda's apology, "I learned I was just projecting my anger." When Lois draws her shotgun, he retreats, but Barb scolds Lois for resorting to the gun. "Let's just talk together," mocks Lois, to her do-good daughter-in-law. "You think Frank is some harmless blowhard--you're wrong."

nScott shows up at Home Plus to inform Bill that Alby has been following Sarah. Bill is surprised that Sarah has a boyfriend he doesn't know about-and that she could be in danger. Not having notified the police, Scott hands Bill Alby's location.

nGinger returns to Margene's, taunting that Little Miss Perfect really isn't after all. As their argument grows more heated, Nicki arrives. Margene demands that Nicki butt out, but it's Ginger who insists on leaving.

nWhen she ends up at Nicki's, Margene is furious. "One advantage of polygamy is that we share mothers," says Nicki, still smarting from the loss of her own.

nBill stops at a motel and pushes his way in when a surprised Alby answers the door. Back at home, he tells Sarah about his meeting with Scott and chastises her for not coming to him. "How can you protect me from who we are?" Sarah asks.

nFrank shows up at Wanda's and finds Barb there alone, and the two face off, with Frank getting to Barb in spite of her efforts to deflect his comments about her marriage to Bill.

nWhen Barb calls Bill, he's outraged to learn she's at Juniper Creek. "It doesn't affect me like it does you," reasons Barb. "Let me see it through." When Margie and Nicki realize Bill is on the phone with Barb, the two tangle for her attention on a separate extension. Bill finally disciplines them, "Knock it off!" In an attempt to resolve the Ginger debacle, he sits down with his mother-in-law. Margene may not be his legal wife, Bill says, but she will always be provided for.

nStuck at the compound still waiting for Joey, Barb and Wanda spend the evening together. Kathy comes around with a pie, which Wanda inspects carefully. As the three converse awkwardly, the power goes out. Realizing that the blackout has only affected their house and spotting movement, Wanda frets that Frank is outside. But Barb's nerves give out first, and she begins shrieking uncontrollably in the darkness when Joey enters. He gathers Wanda-and Kathy-in his arms, as Barb looks on, abashed. Outside in the shadows, Frank lurks.

nIn the morning, Margene and Nicki witness an intoxicated Ginger putting the moves on Bill. With Ginger's true colors exposed, Margene reveals to Nicki that she has always had to put up with her mother competing with her. Ginger stumbles into the living room and passes out in front of a surprised Wayne.

nStill unsettled, Barb questions Joey's decision to remain at Juniper Creek. "There was a time before Roman and there will be a time after," he explains simply. Arriving at his office, Roman finds it in disarray and Adaleen hogtied. Realizing that the Greenes are back, he convenes an emergency Council meeting, mandatory attendance.

nSpotting Roman's Hummer on her way off the compound, Barb turns around and makes a beeline for his office. Confronting him, she accuses him of being heartless and false, and demands that he leave her family be. "You're my family," soothes Roman to a disbelieving Barb.

nGinger tries to make peace with her daughter, conceding that Margene has found a place where she fits in. But when Margene happily mentions the possibility expanding the family, Ginger warns it would be foolish for her to give up her position as the young, pretty wife.

nIn the boardroom before the UEB meeting convenes, Frank and Bill trade insults. As the Council watches a video in which Hollis Greene declares his authority over all that follow the Principle, a bruised Alby shoots dagger looks at Bill. Given the FBI's continued presence due to the recent capture of Orlean Abbot, Roman proclaims that all contact and dealings related to the Greenes are to cease, anything contrary to be considered cause for "excommunication and blood atonement."

nBarb, safe at home at last, kneels in prayer for her husband.