Face Of The Franchise
Ballers | Season 2 | Episode 1

Face Of The Franchise

TV-MA | 27 MIN

Written by Evan Riley
Directed by Julian Farino

Spencer and Joe attend the opening of their client Ndamukong Suh's new restaurant "Suh Casa." Spencer addresses the crowd, and is distracted when big-time money manager Andre Alan and football player Terrell "T-Sizzle" Suggs show up. Following the speech, Spencer and Andre have an intense exchange of words, then Joe and Old Man Anderson convince Spence to appear on insider Jay Glazer's show.

Poolside, Ricky plans his low-key 30th birthday party with Dennis, his father, and TTD, his friend. TTD is glad Ricky has cleaned up his act, but admits things have gotten dull.

Charles arrives to sign autographs at the Chevy dealership alongside other Miami legends. Larry Csonka warns Charles that there may be some changes on the team this summer.

On the set of Jay Glazer's show Glazed and Confused, Spencer and Joe begin their interview. It starts out rocky, and worsens when Glazer brings out T-Sizzle. Sizzle mentions a tweet in which Spencer said Sizzle was "more about the stats than the standings." The conversation quickly heats up, and Spencer lunges at Suggs. The men wrestle on the ground until security, Jay, and Joe are able to break them up. Outside the studio, Spencer limps to his car.

At the Anderson Sports Management offices, Anderson rebukes Spencer for his performance on Glazed and Confused and tells him one new client and a restaurant isn't enough for the newly minted division.

Jason and Spencer discuss Miami's lowball offer to Ricky; Jason decides to wait until after Ricky's birthday to bring it up. Jason suggest that Spencer's fight with Sizzle was actually about Andre, who encouraged Spencer to put his money into a real estate venture that failed.

Looking over final preparations for his classy party, Ricky is shocked when he sees on television that Miami has signed Alonzo Cooley with the money they had put aside for him. Dennis tells him to shake it off and head to the Fun House.

Spencer is surprised when Sizzle shows up to Ricky's Fun House party. Sizzle and Spencer decide to bury the past and part on good terms. Joe and Jason commend him on his maturity, but Spencer reveals he has a bigger plan: he's going to sign Sizzle, then take the rest of Andre's clients.