State of the Union: Season 6



What to Expect

While Selina starts looking to secure her legacy post-presidency, her former staff searches for new purpose as well — and tries to reconcile living in a world that considers Jonah Ryan a rising political star.

Short on time? These four episodes will help bring you up to speed.


A trip to the Republic of Georgia gets the band back together as Selina and her team travel there to help monitor the country’s first democratic presidential election. Her principles are tested when she’s offered bribes from the two candidates who hope to gain the support of the United States. Naturally, the candidate she chooses is arrested just before his swearing-in.

Most Valuable Public Servant:

Former prime minister of Finland and self-proclaimed best friend of Selina, Minna Häkkinen

Minna, who is also monitoring the election, is having an affair with one of the candidates. Selina manipulates her friend into fearing the relationship has clouded her judgement and Minna recuses herself.

Winning Line: [to Selina] “Your stay in the insane asylum has really agreed with you.”


When Selina finds out she won’t, in fact, be getting a presidential library, she decides to turn Mee-Maw’s estate into the new location of the “Selina Meyer Presidential Birthplace and Library.” Meanwhile, Jonah tries to secure a billionaire’s donation by sleeping with his daughter — and letting her completely remake his image in the process.

Most Valuable Public Servant:

Dan’s co-host on CBS This Morning, Jane McCabe

Not many people can go head-to-head with Dan Egan, but Jane proves herself to be a worthy adversary when he discovers she’s leaking rumors to the press about their non-existent affair in order to stay relevant.

Winning Line: “Dan, if I stop being f**kable, then I am grandma. And if I’m grandma, I will be replaced by two tits with a degree from American University.”


The time of Selina’s presidential portrait arrives, and Jonah is furious he’s not on the guest list. He exacts his revenge by ordering a government shutdown, and when Selina arrives at the White House, she’s told the entire staff has been furloughed. The ceremony is ultimately a bust after President Montez forgoes giving a speech in order to handle the shutdown.

Most Valuable Public Servant:

Selina’s lookalike turned daughter-in-law, Marjorie

Thanks to Richard’s sperm donation, Catherine reveals she’s expecting her first child with Marjorie. Selina is disappointed to learn that they don’t want to know the sex of their baby. Marjorie, on the other hand, is completely uninterested in gender.

Winning Line: “Birth gender isn’t even that relevant. She/he will decide her/his ideal gender when she/he is/are ready.”


As Selina and her team prepare for the long-awaited groundbreaking of her presidential library, they’re hit with another scandal — the library may have been constructed on the site of Yale’s former slave quarters. Unphased, Selina explains to Amy that she doesn’t need the library after all, as only former presidents have libraries, and she is officially running again.

Most Valuable Public Servant:

Qatari ambassador and Selina’s boyfriend, Jaffar

Not long after their six-month anniversary, Selina breaks up with Jaffar, fearing too much “baggage” now she that is running for president.

Winning Line: “Oh, he’s not exactly on the Yes-Fly list.”

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