Written by Lew Morton
Directed by David Mandel

Making her first appearance since the election, Selina reflects on her year as an ex-president on CBS This Morning, now co-hosted by Dan. She plugs her memoir, and when Dan probes her about the Tanz pardon, she pivots and announces her foundation: The Meyer Fund for Adult Literacy...and AIDS. Asked about another presidential run, Selina clarifies she has “no plans to this time.”

Only Gary and Richard remain in Selina’s entourage: Amy, engaged to Nevada gubernatorial hopeful Buddy Calhoun, rallies the troops at his campaign headquarters; Ben adapts to start-up culture at Uber; Rep. Jonah Ryan petitions against a bill for healthy school lunches. Mike looks after his three kids.

After the interview, Selina meets Andrew and kisses him, to Gary’s dismay.

“Americans don’t care what poor kids eat.” - Congressman Furlong

Roger Furlong castigates Jonah for his denunciation of green beans -- Ohio’s chief agricultural product. Kent swoops in, noting “better-tasting school lunches poll surprisingly well.”

Selina arrives at her new office in the South Bronx. Unhappy with the location, she orders Richard to focus his efforts on procuring lucrative speaking engagements. Marjorie, now heading the Meyer Fund, expresses her concern about the fund’s focus on AIDS, before leaving for lunch with Catherine. Catherine, the beneficiary of her grandmother's fortune, slips Selina her monthly allowance.

Stevie, a CBS producer, tells Dan he’s getting promoted to permanent co-host. Nervous he’ll be fired like his past three predecessors, Dan suggests having Jonah appear on the show.

“You tell them that I was the first female President of the United States and I will not work for less than 87 cents on the dollar!” - Selina

Gary gives Selina options for her portraitist, and Richard updates her on prospective speaking engagements. She pushes him to find a private jet to get her to a speech in Omaha, later admitting she's interested in Omaha since it’s a short drive to the Madison Monroe dinner, where you go "if you’re gonna run for president again.”

In Nevada, Amy tries to run an attack ad but Buddy vetoes the idea.

Gary and Selina play backgammon in Selina’s brownstone and Richard shows up to help write her memoir. When they call Mike for help, the former press secretary, now overwhelmed by his kids, asks to be compensated and Selina agrees.

“You look like you should be underground worshiping an atomic bomb you human f**king pap-smear.” - Dan

Dan catches Jonah shaving his head before his interview. Jonah admits he stayed bald for the pity, even after he stopped treatment. Dan pushes Jonah’s buttons until he loses it on camera.

Selina shares her presidential aspirations with family and friends… and receives no encouragement. She reluctantly agrees not to run. Post-presidential reality setting in, Selina takes a commercial flight to Omaha.