State of the Union: Season 4

By Olivia Armstrong


What to Expect

As the first female leader of the free world, Selina Meyer fights for her re-election, a goal complicated by her increasingly incompetent staff.

Short on time? These four episodes have our seal of approval.


In addition to dealing with a whirlwind transition and a speech interrupted by (her own) squeaky heels, President Meyer is tasked with hiring a campaign manager  — and looks to the rival party’s Bill Ericsson. Gary, meanwhile, questions his worth to Selina, who has all but ignored her Man With the Leviathan Bag since stepping into the Oval Office.

Most Valuable Public Servant:

Jonah Ryan

Though a changing administration has bumped the White House’s most-provoking gargantuan figure from the West Wing to the East, there’s no shortage of scene-stealing Jonah moments.

Winning Line: “Ladies by cryin’, pimps be dyin’  —  it’s Jonah Ryan.”


When Vice President Andrew Doyle backs out of the Meyer re-election ticket at the Democratic National Convention, Selina’s staff is forced to find her a new running mate. Amy, who’s fed up with indecisive adviser Karen Collins, finds it a little, well, difficult to do her job.

Most Valuable Public Servant:

Karen Collins

Selina’s longtime friend turned presidential advisor has a direct line to POTUS, but is, ironically, incapable of advising her to make decisions. Her true talent lies in her ability to get under Amy’s skin.

Winning Line: “Amy, I don’t want you to take this the wrong way, but you are being… A little irritating. A lot a bit.”


In the last weeks of a neck-and-neck re-election campaign with Republican senator Bill O’Brien, a mysterious data breach continues to shake the Meyer White House. A formal hearing is held to determine who is at fault for leaking private information about a constituent  —  forcing the staff to unite against a single scapegoat.

Most Valuable Public Servant:

Congresswoman Bennett

Tasked with questioning Selina Meyer’s staff on the White House data breach, Ms. Bennett (played by Melanie Nicholls-King of The Wire) exposes the congressional committee to the White House’s irreverent server names.

Winning Line: “Do you recall a document shared on the J-drive titled the ‘Jonad Files?’”


Election night has arrived and as each state result is called, Selina and staff brace themselves for what’s next. What they didn’t expect, however, was an electoral tie. Now, that’s democracy.

Most Valuable Public Servant:

Richard Splett

Jonah Ryan’s criminally pleasant right-hand man  —  and most devoted supporter. In times of crisis or uncertainty, Splett knows exactly how to lighten the mood.

Winning Line: “This whole scrotum situation is really working out for you, sir. You’re the face of workplace bullying and genital health.”

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