State of the Union: Season 3

By Allie Waxman


What to Expect

The Veep sets her sights on the Oval Office and campaigns for her chance to lead the executive branch.

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“I love abortion. I’m an abortionado. But I would go pro-life in a fetal f**king heartbeat if it meant winning!”
—  Dan

With her new photographer Kelly, Selina and team board a Coast Guard boat for a photo op, when it’s revealed POTUS has changed his stance on abortion to pro-life. They decide to meet with all of the interest groups so Selina can make an informed choice about her position. Former Defense Secretary Maddox and Chung both beat her to the punch with their statements and Selina works through the night to make her choice.

Character to Watch:

Ex-defense secretary and presidential-hopeful George Maddox

The first to declare his stance on abortion, Maddox is enough of a threat Selina visits his country house in Episode 5, “Fishing,” to control the situation.

“People like Maddox have guns on the wall next to the animal heads. It’s like a flowchart for people who don’t know what firearms do.”  —  Selina


“I’d rather be shot in the f**king face than serve as Vice President again.”
—  Selina

Selina takes a symbolic first step and launches her campaign — without a campaign manager. With both Amy and Dan vying for the gig, Selina secretly meets with cocky and cunning Bill Ericsson, who tries to convince Selina to fire her entire staff. Trying to compel Maddox to run as her VP and not for president, Selina meets the ex-cabinet member at his country house to go fishing, where she discovers Jonah and learns of his powerful family connections.

Character to Watch:

Washington insider and campaign-manager candidate, Bill Ericsson

This cut-throat, career-meddler will cast aside loyalties if it means being on the winning side. Ericsson is not going anywhere any time soon.

“I wouldn’t let you within a mile of someone like me.”  —  Bill Ericsson


“Ma’am, this is the haircut your head has always wanted but was afraid to ask for.”
—  Amy

Selina “rebrands” and debuts a new ‘do right before the presidential debate, accentuating an untimely eye-twitch. Attitude refreshed, Dan returns to the campaign after his nervous breakdown, and Mike calls his journalist wife to write a puff piece on the Veep’s new look. But after Wendy talks to Gary, she decides there’s a better story in Selina’s recently-fired trainer and the influence he wields.

Character to Watch:

Writer and self-proclaimed king of zingers, Jackson Pulver

Hired by Amy to punch up Selina’s debate answers, Pulver’s gimmicks get Selina into some trouble and earn the bright-eyed wordsmith some unflattering nicknames.

“Who the f**k is smiley-faced coffee boy?”  —  Roger Furlong


“Ma’am, you’re about to become the 45th President of the United States.”
—  Kent

In need of a boost, Selina gets a folksy crate to stand on when she meets with potential voters. After pretentious journalist Quincy Carter threatens to do a story on Selina’s $1200 crate, Selina agrees to an interview. Carter leaves his phone recording in the room post-chat, and the team is caught making uncouth jokes on the record. As Selina tries to repair her image, Kent arrives with big news: POTUS is resigning.

Character to Watch:

Grandiloquent New Hampshire Globe reporter, Quincy Carter

This high-brow journalist has a way with words, and while the jokes tend to be on him, his absentmindedness provokes some of the biggest laughs of the season.

“Oh god, that Dickensian sh*t-stack?”  —  Selina

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