State of the Union: Season 2

By Allie Waxman

What to Expect

Veep of the People Selina Meyer struggles as she strives for “unprotected access to the Oval Office.”

Short on time? These four episodes will keep you on message.


The fight for relevance is stronger than ever as Selina Meyer sets out to increase her influence and stay in the president’s good graces. When the administration is faced with a hostage crisis, Kent Davison ruffles feathers when he equates hostage situations to cooking instant noodles — both must be carried out with extreme precision. The rescue mission is ultimately successful, but not without controversy.

Character to Watch:

Stats-obsessed, to-the-point senior strategist Kent Davison

“He is cold,” Selina declares upon hearing about his return to the White House. Ben Cafferty agrees, “Yeah, he’s got ice in his semen.”


Mocking Kent, Selina performs a rendition of “50 Ways to Leave Your Lover” called “50 Ways to Win in Denver” at the Vic Allen dinner. Some of her lyrics are perceived as anti-European, complicating her visit to Finland for the signing of the Helsinki agreement — a trip Kent arranged. Jonah, who has been “gifted” to the Veep to handle her social media, is blamed for the publicity nightmare.

Character to Watch:

Dana, Gary’s girlfriend

The pecorino importer makes quite an impact at lunch with the Veep when she fawns over Gary and inserts her opinion at every turn.

“Could you just shut it?” snaps Selina. “Just for like two seconds?”


With a major budget deal delayed, the government shuts down, forcing Gary to hire a private company to remove Selina’s trash. Selina, concerned someone will go through her things, sends Gary to retrieve it. Minnesota governor Danny Chung, insinuating Selina is responsible for the shutdown, also implicates her in the death of a man killed by a bear 15 yards from an unmanned ranger station. Gov. Chung comforts the widow on TV while Selina appears with the waste manager — the condition by which Gary was able to repossess the trash.

Character to Watch:

Charismatic war hero Danny Chung

It’s not everyone who can spin a freak accident and a federal shutdown into good press.

“Governor Chung is going to be all over this like a bear on an idiot.”  —  Amy


After news breaks one of the rescued hostages was a spy (and POTUS knew), Selina tells her staff to find new jobs since she won’t be joining him on his re-election ticket; she’ll make her run in six years. As her team considers next moves, Ben reveals POTUS has taken himself out of the running, leaving the door wide open for a Meyer presidential campaign.

Character to Watch:

Power-hungry representative Roger Furlong

After his Ohio gubernatorial race ends in defeat, Furlong capitalizes on Selina’s slip-of-the-tongue by spreading the news POTUS is not running.

“I didn’t say anything to that crusty ass clown.”  —  Selina

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