True Blood | Season 7 | Episode 6


TV-MA | 58 MIN

Directed by Angela Robinson
Written by Angela Robinson

Weakened after doing battle with a seemingly endless Yakuza onslaught, Eric finally surrenders when they present him with Pam, bound in silver chains. They're taken to the Yakonomo Corporation headquarters and held prisoner in a room with massive windows facing the Dallas skyline. A timer is set before them -- there is 7 hours and fourteen minutes until dawn.

Reeling from the discovery that he's Hep-V positive, Bill phones a lawyer to get his estate in order. Jessica, returning from Sookie's, overhears his conversation but decides not to confront him about his diagnosis before he leaves.

Lafayette brings Lettie Mae back to his house, refusing to let her go home where the Reverend is likely still out cold. He's surprised to find James waiting for him inside and lets him spend the night, but not without first telling Lettie Mae that she better not get any "bright ideas about taking a cleaver" to James. However, when James hears Lettie Mae's side of the story, he convinces Lafayette to let her drink from him.

Jason returns home after hooking up with Jessica and is shocked to discover that Violet has set up a romantic scene, complete with jazz and candles. "When I tell you that you're mine," she explains, unbuckling his pants, "I realize I forgot to tell you that I'm yours."

Bill arrives at a law office, already filled with vampires, many in the early stages of Hep-V. He's further dismayed when he's told he can expect a five- to seven-hour wait to see a lawyer.

Five minutes to sunrise, Mr. Gus, the North American president of Yakonomo Corporation, offers to make a deal with Eric and Pam. He wants Sarah Newlin's whereabouts, and despite Eric's orders, Pam agrees to tell Mr. Gus what they know, so long as he gives his word that they won't be killed. Eric pushes the terms on step further: He wants to be the one to kill Sarah. Meanwhile, Yakonomo's Most Wanted, Sarah Newlin, breaks into her sister Amber's house, where she is attacked by her dying sibling. However, exertion is too much for Amber, and she collapses on the floor.

Jason wakes to a phone call from Jessica, begging him to find Sookie and come to Bill's house immediately. Jason dresses quickly and sneaks out, unaware that Violet overheard his conversation. In a rage, she destroys her basement bedroom.

At the Bellefleur mansion, Andy walks in on Adilyn and Wade having sex. Screaming threats, he chases Wade out of the house until Holly comes to her son's rescue. She stalks off for home with Wade in tow, promising Andy she'll "deal with him" later.

Nicole confronts Sam about continuing to live in Bon Temps. "This town is f*cking crazy, and you, you're the mayor of crazy. I will not raise our daughter in this." She asks him to consider leaving with her, despite it being the only home Sam's ever known.

After Jason drags an extremely hungover Sookie out of bed, they head to the Compton place, where Jessica reveals that Bill has Hep-V. Sookie realizes she might have been the one to infect him; he fed on her before the raid on Fangtasia -- after she was splattered by H-Vamp goo during their attack in the woods. She has Jason take her to the clinic to get tested.

On a V-trip together, Lafayette and Lettie-Mae follow Tara as she leads them to her childhood home. They watch as she digs holes in the backyard, but before they can find out why, Reverend Daniels shakes them out of their vision. Despite his pleas for her to give up the V, Lettie Mae refuses -- she won't turn her back on Tara.

At the law offices, Bill observes black veins snaking slowly down his arms -- the disease appears to be progressing at a highly accelerated rate. At last, his number comes up and he sits down with the lawyer, Madeline Kapneck, to amend his will to leave his estate to Jessica. Unfortunately, Kapneck explains, the late Governor Burrell passed a bill that made it impossible to posthumously execute a will, and since he drew his up after he was made vampire there's not much he can do. She suggests he adopt Jessica as a possible workaround, but the process could take up to a year. He could also pay $10 million dollars to be moved to the front of the line, but refusing to be extorted, Bill stabs her in the neck with a letter opener and storms out.

Sookie and Jason drink beers in the back of Alcide's truck while she waits for the clinic to call with her results. Sookie admits she may have never gotten over Bill: "I loved Alcide. I suppose I loved Eric, too, in my own way, but there's something about the first." Jason confesses he's never been in love -- and only feels fear around Violet. Sookie convinces him to break it off because life's too short to be unhappy. Finally, the clinic calls: Sookie is Hep-V positive.

After Amber comes to, Sarah begs to stay with her until the Yakuza back off, but Amber refuses, despite Sarah's insistence that she's changed. To prove her good intentions, Sarah reveals that she drank the antidote to Hep-V. Opening her arms to Amber she tells her, "I am the antidote, sweetie. Let me heal you."

Jason returns home to find Violet gone and her cubby utterly destroyed. Violet, meanwhile, discovers Adilyn and Wade making out at Fort Bellefleur and offers to let them stay with her, where they'll be safe. She insists they ditch their phones so they won't be tracked.

Eric, Pam, Mr. Gus and the Yakuza arrive at Amber's house for help finding Sarah, but they're in for a surprise. Grabbing Amber by the throat and marveling at her vein-free skin, Eric asks, "How come you're healed?"

Sookie returns to Bill's to break the news to Jessica, and they wait for him together. When Bill returns and finds his former lover and progeny in tears, it's clear they know his secret.