Right Place, Wrong Time
Treme | Season 1 | Episode 3

Right Place, Wrong Time

TV-MA | 59 MIN

Story by David Simon and David Mills
Teleplay by David Mills

Antoine Batiste returns home from a visit to a stripper in her FEMA trailer and is immediately accused by Desiree of exactly that. He insists his only interest in working at the strip club is to make money. Desiree threatens to move to her mother's in Memphis but Antoine swears he wants her and the baby to stay. She tests Antoine's story, reaching for his belt: "You ain't got nothin' for me now, I'm gonna know for sure."

Antoinette "Toni" Bernette bails out Davis McAlary, who's been arrested by the National Guard for being on the street with an open alcoholic beverage container - and mouthing back. He offers to give her daughter piano lessons as payment.

LaDonna Batiste-Williams tries to talk her mother into spending some time in Baton Rouge but Mrs. Brooks won't leave New Orleans, convinced that wherever her missing son Daymo is, he's trying to make his way home. She voices her anger at "that lady lawyer" for taking them on a wild goose chase in search of Daymo.

Robinette checks in on Albert Lambreaux, having heard about a kid that took a beating. Albert asks if the kid will be okay - not giving anything up.  Later, Albert is starting to work on a new Indian suit when Lorenzo Hurd, the son of one of Albert's tribe ("Wild Man" Jesse Hurd) shows up, back in town from Arizona to check on his family's house in the Lower Ninth. His father hasn't been heard from since the storm. Albert goes with Lorenzo to check out the house. When they spot a boat - unused - Albert gets a bad feeling and they lift it up, finding Jesse's decomposing body.

Janette Desautel's meat supplier pays a personal visit to let her know he's putting her on week-to-week payments; word is out that she's struggling to pay her bills.

LaDonna's husband Larry Williams shows up with more bad news from the insurance company - no determination yet. She asks permission to go to his brother Bernard, a judge, for help locating Daymo. Larry reluctantly agrees to reach out to him.

Pianist Tom McDermott approaches Annie after she and Sonny and an accordion player finish a song and engages her in conversation.  Sonny asks the fellow busker if he can take some off the top so he can get Annie a birthday gift.  The busker warns him not to spend the money on coke, and Sonny swears, "The storm cleaned me up." Sonny heads to a shop picks out a nice bottle of wine.

McAlary, walking with his friend in the Treme, spots two buxom girls walking small dogs again. He runs after them, but they've disappeared.

Up in New York, Delmond Lambreaux rehearses with Dr. John and others for a Lincoln Center charity benefit, silencing his cell phone just as his father leaves word about Jesse. On a break, Delmond tries to convince the other New Orleanian musicians who are in town for the gig that they'd get more respect in New York and Europe, but the other musicians insist there's no place like home.

Toni Bernette goes to Sheriff Don Babineaux of the Atchafayala Parish Prison, where David Maurice "Daymo" Brooks is supposedly being held, to request a DNA test to prove he's the wrong David Brooks and that the Orleans Parish Prison (O.P.P.) lost a prisoner, but he refuses. She accuses the Sheriff of stonewalling to avoid losing any of the FEMA money they get for each prisoner.

Antoine gets ribbing by his fellow musicians at the strip club for not being invited to the Lincoln Center gig.  Heading home later, he stops to sing with Sonny and Annie out on Royal Street. Walking away, he bumps an NOPD squad car with his trombone and they beat him up and take him in.

LaDonna, enraged to discover her roofer has taken off again with the job unfinished, puts a cap on her rage to call her brother-in-law Bernard - again - for help with Daymo's case.

Albert catches a teenage boy in his house at night using his place to have sex with his girlfriend and sends him away with a warning.

Toni consults with fellow attorney Andrea Cazayoux and realizes she needs to take the O.P.P. Sheriff and the Department of Corrections to court to force them to produce the prisoner they claim to have. Creighton interrupts to show Toni a YouTube video of Sofia, complaining about Baton Rouge. Toni is upset by her "potty mouth," but Creighton is proud.

McAlary debates with his gay neighbors about whether or not they respect the history of the Treme and accuses them of calling the cops on him - both charges they dispute. He takes his paycheck from his short-lived hotel gig and invites Janette out for to dinner to repay her for the expensive wine he opened. She agrees to spend every last dime at Feelings restaurant.

Sonny wakes Annie to present her birthday bottle of wine. Pleased, she wants to save it for later. But Tom McDermott tracks Annie down and invites her to play with him at a charity gig that night. Sonny is put off, but agrees to come as a guest.

Toni bails Antoine out of jail as he begs her to make sure he gets his trombone back.

LaDonna shows up at Bernard's office in person since he hasn't returned her calls. He offers to make some calls on her behalf but she is skeptical.

McAlary gets stoned in his apartment. Hearing high-pitched barking outside he runs to the window and spies the buxom woman with the little dog enter a house across the street. When his friend Simply Reds shows up with a six pack, McAlary plays him the song he's been madly composing, "inspired by the Muses. Muses with big honking tits." Later, he seduces Janette with the expensive dinner and she comes home with him.

Albert is approached by a woman, Lula Pritchett, looking for work for her nephew Darius (the boy Albert kicked out of his place the night before) to keep him out of trouble while schools are still out.  Albert agrees to be in touch if he has work.

At the charity benefit, Sonny drinks and tells his rescue stories to guests while Annie plays with Tom. Tired of killing time, Sonny takes off and goes home to drink Annie's birthday bottle of wine by himself.

The next day Davis shows up to give Sofia her piano lesson. Creighton listens to Davis' lesson as he teaches her "Tipitina." Leaving, Davis tells Creighton Sofia has talent. The skeptical father advises the green teacher, "Don't think about what she will or won't do in the future. That has nothing to do with you."

Toni fills LaDonna in on her plan to go to court. LaDonna tells her about going to Bernard but is frustrated with his family's "Seventh Ward Creole bullsh*t, like they a different race."

Albert has sent out the word and the Guardians of the Flame and several Indians from other gangs gather at the Hurd home in the Lower Ninth to pay their respects to Jesse. As they begin to chant, a Katrina tour bus pulls up and the driver asks them to explain what's going on. "Just drive away!" orders Big Chief Darryl Montana. Realizing his trespass, he does, as the group watches the van pull out of site.