Not So Together
Togetherness | Season 1 | Episode 8

Not So Together

TV-MA | 29 MIN

Written by Jay Duplass & Mark Duplass
Directed by Jay Duplass & Mark Duplass

The Piersons eat dinner with Alex and Tina, and Michelle toasts to her sister's last night in her home. Afterward, Tina bids a private farewell to Michelle, teasing Michelle about her relationship with David. Michelle reiterates how important the charter school is to her, and Tina congratulates her on the passion project: "It's about time." Alex admits to Brett that he's been thinking of moving… to Detroit. Brett is supportive. "What the f**k do I know about what's going to make anyone happy?" he asks.

Michelle says an awkward goodbye to Brett and leaves for her trip with David and the team. In the car, Michelle learns that all she will play no active role in the presentation; her job is to be there as a supportive mom.

Alex wakes up to a call from his agent -- he got a lead in Larry's movie. Brett is ecstatic upon hearing the news and the pair decides to celebrate. Alex puts their plans on hold to go after Tina. He hitches a ride with her moving truck but finds Larry's house empty. He calls Michelle and learns that Larry and Tina are at a hotel in Santa Monica. Alex rides a bike there, ruining the flowers he bought for her except for a single carnation.

Alex finally finds Tina, who is getting a couples' massage. Alex asks Larry to leave. He tells her his good news and invites her to come to New Orleans with him. "This is where I'm meant to be," she says, refusing his offer. Alex rebuts her: "You're with Larry, but you don't love Larry." Tina begins crying, reiterating, "It's better this way." Alex apologizes and leaves.

Brett struggles to unload Sophie at school. She throws a tantrum and snaps Linda's rubber band on Brett's wrist, causing him to slow down. He asks Sophie why she's so upset, and she admits to wanting to skip school and go to the beach. Brett indulges her request, and Brett, Sophie and baby Frankie have a great day together.

David presents the Charter School proposal to a board at Access Sacramento. The board is impressed with his pitch, but skeptical that David can handle the commitment while running for City Council. Michelle steps up as the person in charge. She reveals that she studied social work at Berkeley and has a background in nonprofits. "Our community really needs this school," she says, "and I really need this school." Her case is well-received.

Brett drives Alex to the airport for his flight to New Orleans. Brett admits that his day was awesome -- he feels restored and excited about his life. Alex advises Brett to communicate this positive energy to Michelle. "I love you, but you can be a dark dude sometimes," Alex says. Empowered, Brett thanks Alex, leaves the kids with a babysitter and drives to surprise his wife.

Elated after their victory, David approaches Michelle to talk about what's been going on between them. "This energy is strong," he confesses. "I'm starting to go a little crazy with it." She agrees that she feels connected to him, but given her marriage, it's a complicated situation. They say goodnight and retire to their respective rooms.

Unable to sleep, Michelle passes a note under her hotel room door to David next door. He replies and they begin an exchange. "Thank you for helping me come alive," Michelle writes. David knocks on her door and the pair passionately kisses.