Togetherness | Season 1 | Episode 3


TV-MA | 28 MIN

Written by Jay Duplass & Mark Duplass
Directed by Jay Duplass & Mark Duplass

Tina coaches Alex through an Insanity workout, which nearly kills him. "I'm really impressed," Tina admits afterwards. "It was pathetic but you didn't quit." They're interrupted when a messengered letter shows up. Tina tears it open, discovers tickets to Brett's movie premiere and decides that she and Alex will attend the event to make industry connections. Michelle agrees to join Brett for support. Although they only have two tickets, Tina is certain the four of them can get in with no problems.

The gang gets dolled up for their night out, and Alex is dismayed when his new Diesel jeans don't fit: "Maybe I'm fatter at night than I am in the morning." Michelle offers up a pair of Spanx, which Alex gamely dons. When the babysitter cancels, Michelle offers to stay home with the kids.

Alex, Brett and Tina arrive at the event. Tina forces her way onto the red carpet, dragging Alex through the press line. He gives one uncomfortable interview, where he blurts out that he played a rapist. Tina is elated that he walked the carpet. "She's a lunatic," Alex tells Brett once they're inside, "but I think it's working." The guys agree to split up for the evening: Alex angles to meet Larry Kosinski, a big-wig producer, while Brett hopes to make amends with the project's director. Brett's good intentions backfire when the director takes Brett's apology as an opportunity to mess with him.

Michelle is surprised when the babysitter shows up, so she gets ready to join Brett. At the last minute, she changes her mind and heads to a bar alone, lying to Brett about her night. She drinks, bums a cigarette from a teenager, and stumbles into a city hall meeting advocating charter schools. The man speaking, a 40-year-old named David Garcia, voices her exact concerns about her kids' education. While Brett wants the kids to go to a private school, Michelle hopes for something more diverse. "Why is there not a great place?" Michelle asks David. He smiles and replies, "We'll make one." David drives Michelle home. She learns that he's divorced and has better relationships with his two daughters because of that fact. Her curiosity piqued, Michelle types David's name into Google when she gets home.

Inside the party, Tina and Alex pursue Larry, highlighted by an awkward encounter where Alex tries to make conversation while Larry is in a bathroom stall. Finally, Larry confronts Alex: "Is there something you want to tell me? Because this is getting weird." Alex admits he's a fan and Larry graciously invites Alex and Tina into the VIP section with him. The three connect over films and the industry.

Brett leaves the premiere and sees a red-breasted sparrow perched on a street light. He records audio of the bird singing, elated by the sound. Passersby shoot him looks as he stands, oblivious and raptured, in the middle of the sidewalk.

Tina and Alex debrief about how great their evening is going. "You're crushing it in those Spanx," Tina tells him. They agree that they're a great team and Alex accepts Tina's invitation to help pack up her things in Dallas. Alex's good mood is shattered minutes later when he sees Larry's arm around Tina. She leaves with him, and Alex admits to Brett that he's both devastated and embarrassed. Brett pulls his car over to give his best friend a pep talk. "Are we doing this or what?" he asks. Alex agrees and the pair air-drums to Rush's "Tom Sawyer."