Ghost in Chains
Togetherness | Season 1 | Episode 6

Ghost in Chains

TV-MA | 25 MIN

Written by Jay Duplass & Mark Duplass
Directed by Nicole Holofcener

Brett is hiking in the woods when he discovers a woman lying peacefully under a pile of brush. Brett helps her out and asks what she's doing. "Connecting with my death," the woman answers and introduces herself as Linda. She follows Brett, sizing him up. "Wow," she exclaims, "You're like a ghost in chains." Brett is unsettled, but also intrigued by Linda's free spirit. She invites him on a "moon walk" the following night, but he already has plans – working a double shift.

Tina's quality time with Larry is interrupted by a call from a client from her bouncy castle business. The reservation is in jeopardy, so Tina tells the caller to expect a complimentary clown. She calls Alex, asking him to fill the big shoes, but he refuses. "You only call when you need something," he tells Tina. Feeling wronged, Tina seeks sympathy from her sister, but finds none. "He clearly likes you," Michelle replies, validating Alex's accusation. "You could be a little more careful with the people in your life who matter to you."

David asks Michelle to meet at a potential location for the charter school. Michelle gets Tina to watch the kids and then heads to the space. Together, Michelle and David work to uncover and open a door – which ends up leading to a closet. They eat lunch together and David mentions a road-trip to Access Sacramento, where he plans to lead a team lobbying for funding. "You're part of the team now," he says encouragingly and Michelle agrees to go.

Alex returns to the Pierson home and Tina greets him with good news: Larry wants to give him a big role in his upcoming film, shooting in New Orleans. All Alex has to do is go on tape – in two hours. Tina drives him to the casting call, and Alex is a bundle of nerves. He arrives to find a room filled with heavy-set actors. As he checks in, he learns that he's reading for the part of the chubby best friend. Alex steps outside and confronts Tina: "We're going for leading roles!" Alex is further infuriated when he learns that Tina asked Larry to give him a part. He storms into the audition and announces that he'll be reading for the lead. Afterward, he tells Tina: "Whatever it is that you and I are doing, it's over."

Brett heads in to work, only to learn that the project's director is missing in action. When the director finally arrives hours later, Brett is hungry and impatient. He throws a tantrum, finally admitting, "I'm like a ghost in chains." His frustration is met with laughter, and Brett leaves and returns to the woods, where he meets Linda. She leads him to a hole in the ground and says with a smile, "I highly recommend it." Brett vents about how tired he is of taking orders, but ultimately, climbs in.