Party Time
Togetherness | Season 1 | Episode 7

Party Time

TV-MA | 27 MIN

Written by Jay Duplass & Mark Duplass
Directed by Jay Duplass & Mark Duplass

The Piersons prepare to host a fundraiser party for the charter school. Michelle is hurt when Brett announces he's ditching what's traditionally reserved as a family day to attend Linda's gathering of like-minded, spiritual people. "Is it so horrible if we just go our own way for once?" he asks, and Michelle reluctantly watches him leave.

Tina arrives with a bouncy castle for the event. She defiantly ignores Alex -- who reciprocates her silent treatment -- and attempts to set up the castle herself. Tina struggles to fully inflate the bounce house, refuses help from Larry and rejects Michelle's plea to put the castle away. Eventually, she gives up trying to inflate the house and breaks down to Larry: "I need to be good at this." As Alex looks on, Larry assures Tina he understands what it means to struggle -- but the only thing that's really important is their relationship. "When you're ready, just call me," he tells her. "I'm ready to take care of you."

Alex helps Michelle set up food for the party. "Does Brett seem OK to you lately?" she asks. Alex agrees to keep an eye on his best friend and confesses that he's struggling himself and questioning his own choices. Michelle ditches their conversation when she sees David walk in with his daughters. She spends the afternoon with David and opens up about her marriage. "Things aren't great right now," Michelle admits.

Brett arrives at Linda's party, which is at a flophouse. A man named Scott, who takes care of the mansion, greets Brett. "You might need some stuff," Scott suggests, and offers some tea -- made with hallucinogenic mushrooms -- to help Brett de-stress and enjoy himself.

Brett chats with Linda and admits that the free spirit of the party's attendees inspires him. The pair explores the property, and Brett, feeling Scott's tea kick in, takes great pleasure in petting a horse. "You guys are my two favorite people in the whole world right now," he tells Linda and the horse. Brett begins to fully freak out. He FaceTimes Alex while running through the backyard, eventually vomiting and collapsing. Linda finds Brett using an outdoor shower with his clothes on. "I don't know what to do now," Brett states. Linda encourages him to do what he wants – which is to scream.

Alex tracks down Brett, who is lounging in a bathrobe with Linda. Brett reluctantly agrees to leave with Alex, only after Linda whispers something to him and slides a rubber band around his wrist. On the way home, Alex is unsettled when Brett announces, "I don't want to be Brett; I want to be me." Alex suggests Brett take a nap, and Brett asserts, "You should be worried about me."

Still wearing Linda's robe, Brett joins the party and approaches David. Calmly, Brett asks David, "Are we good?" Brett admits that he's threatened by David's relationship with his wife. Michelle sees the conversation and breaks it up; she drags Brett inside, furious with him for coming to the party high on mushrooms. He begs her to table the conversation, as not to blemish his rare, good day with a fight. "We're not good for each other right now," he tells her. Michelle agrees to some space, even though she fears what it means for their marriage.

Alex finds Tina struggling to drag the defective bouncy castle into a neighbor's trashcan. "Do you want my help?" he asks, and she nods. He drives her to a dumpster and hefts the mass inside. Tina reveals that Larry asked her to move in with him. "I'm not good at anything," Tina declares, "I'm so f**king tired of banging my head against the wall." Alex embraces her, and Tina reveals she's accepting Larry's offer.