Kick the Can
Togetherness | Season 1 | Episode 5

Kick the Can

TV-MA | 27 MIN

Written by Jay Duplass, Mark Duplass & Amanda Lasher
Directed by Jay Duplass & Mark Duplass

Michelle and Brett leave their first couples therapy session shell-shocked. "Where do you go after a World War III emotional bombing?" Brett asks. Michelle suggests they try to salvage the remainder of their day since they already have a babysitter for the kids. Brett details his dream afternoon: reading in Barnes & Noble alone. Michelle proposes playing kickball with friends, and although Brett is wary about the idea, he agrees to it.

Brett drops Michelle off to secure the field and calls Alex, who agrees to pick up alcohol and supplies. Tina and Larry arrive at the park, and Tina spots Brett reclining in his car. She interrupts his private time, advising that he man-up. If Brett can't have fun, Tina says, he can at least fake it for Michelle's sake. Tina admits that she does this all the time. "Do you see this smile?" She gestures to her grin. "I'm dead inside."

Michelle is "reserving" a kickball field when she's confronted by a group of hipsters, who formally booked the space to play kick the can. Michelle tries to compromise, but is shot down. The gang arrives and takes turns begging the hipsters to leave. Larry resorts to bribes, and Alex heckles him, calling him "Daddy Warbucks" in front of the group. The lead hipster is increasingly frustrated and shuts down all negotiations until Michelle challenges them: "We want to play you." The hipsters agree to it. "You get ready to get you're a**es kicked by a bunch of old people," Michelle taunts, before whispering, "Thank you so much!"

The game begins with the group shot-gunning beers. While hiding with Alex, Tina asks why he embarrassed Larry, an accusation that Alex denies -- he claims to like Tina's boyfriend. "He's kind of creepy with his dog, though," Alex admits. "He's like an old James Bond villain." Later, as they avoid a hipster who's searching for them by holing-up in a closet, Alex drunkenly kisses Tina. She lets him for a moment but then recoils and slaps him.

Secluded with Michelle, Brett admits that he's faking all his enthusiasm: "I'm trying to dig myself out of the womb of despair," he reveals. Michelle maintains that Brett's issues are about more than the morning's therapy showdown -- he is incapable of having fun. Frustrated that his best effort isn't enough, Brett ends his game by voluntarily going to "jail."

Michelle realizes she is the last member of her team who is still in play. She spots David Garcia playing basketball. He's helps her, creating a diversion by turning on the sprinkler system on the field. The hipsters guarding the can fall back, and Tina and Alex take out the last defenders. Michelle makes a run for it, kicks the can and wins the game.