Ordinary Death
The Night Of | Season 1 | Episode 7

Ordinary Death

TV-MA | 56 MIN

Teleplay by Richard Price, Steven Zaillian
Directed by Steven Zaillian

Graphic crime scene and autopsy photographs accompany the Medical Examiner's explanation of the numerous stab wounds to Andrea's body. Naz's mother Safar, unable to assure herself of her son's innocence, leaves the courtroom.

Stone learns from Andrea's financial advisor that Andrea's stepfather, Don Taylor, is deeply in debt, and speaks to an ex-wife who divorced Taylor for domestic battery.

Naz's friend Amir admits on the stand that Naz dealt large quantities of Adderall. A high school coach reveals Naz was suspended not once, but twice, for violent behavior.

As the trial moves to the defense phase, renowned pathologist Dr. Eli Katz offers explanations for the wounds on Andrea's and Naz's hands, and how an intruder could have entered the brownstone unseen.

Petey, whose mother is the mule for Freddy's heroin supply, kills himself. Naz admits he knows why - one of Freddy's crew, Victor, repeatedly victimized the young man.

As Box celebrates his retirement with his NYPD colleagues, Freddy, abetted by Naz, kills Victor in retribution.