The Art of War
The Night Of | Season 1 | Episode 4

The Art of War

TV-MA | 1 HR 0 MIN

Teleplay by Richard Price
Directed by James Marsh

What you gotta do now is start walking like a man not afraid to look a man in the eye; but don't ever look him in the eye, you'll regret that.

The advice is given to Naz by Calvin, an accused killer, along with the even stronger opinion that Naz should accept no favors from Freddy.

Though no longer officially on the case, Stone looks into Andrea's background, finding priors - narcotics convictions - and court-ordered rehab stays. At one facility he bribes a security worker for her records, which he in turn sells to Chandra at a profit.

Alison meets with prosecutor Helen Weiss to broker a plea deal, settling on Manslaughter with a 15-year max sentence. At the hearing, Naz recounts the events of "the night of" as he remembers them, but won't say he killed Andrea.

Since this means the case will now go to trial, Alison informs the Khans that junior attorney Chandra will take over, and that the firm's services will no longer be free.

Back at Rikers, Naz decides he has to accept Freddy's offer of protection if he is to survive.