Part 8 "The Call of the Wild"

Teleplay by Richard Price, Steven Zaillian
Directed by Steven Zaillian

Box refuses to let go of Naz's case. He digs into more security footage from the night of Andrea’s murder, uncovering that Andrea was running away from someone when she got into Naz’s cab. Following up on this discovery, Box learns that Andrea was in a relationship with her mother’s financial advisor, Ray, and that the two fought on the night of her murder. When Box brings incriminating evidence against Ray to Helen, she tells him they have more on Naz.

On the stand, Naz answers questions from both Chandra and Helen, and Helen deftly punches holes in his presumed innocence.

Freddy sends John a security tape of Naz and Chandra kissing. John brings the tape to the judge in the hope of getting a mistrial, but the judge refuses to be pressured. He instead decides to report the instance to the ethics committee and tells John to take the lead with the closing arguments.

“Worse comes to worse, it’s not so bad in here, is it? I mean you got people who care about you in here. I care about you.” — Freddy

Under severe stress, John’s eczema returns in full force. He nonetheless makes a compelling closing argument before the jury, reminding them that the prosecution founded their case against Naz on circumstance and speculation.

The jury adjourns, but after two days of deliberation, they tell the judge they’re deadlocked. Given the chance to commence a retrial, Helen informs the judge that her office “declines to prosecute further.” Naz is cleared of charges and free to go home.

“Everyone’s got a cross to bear, Naz, pardon the expression. Fuck ‘em all; live your life.” – John