The Night OfThe Night Of

A Pakistani-American college student seeks legal representation after being implicated in a NYC murder.
Stone warns Naz to keep quiet. Box meets with the victim's stepfather and, later, prosecutor Helen Weiss.
As Naz learns the survival rules in Rikers, his parents are tempted by a counteroffer for their son's defense.
Naz weighs the pros and cons of copping a plea as Stone opens a window to Andrea's past.
Stone takes on a commission; Naz vents his frustrations; Box and Helen gather evidence.
Stone follows an intriguing new lead; Naz's trial begins with opening statements from the prosecution and defense.
Naz's trial moves to the defense phase; Stone tails a suspicious family member; Freddy loses a pawn.
Finale. Stone finds himself in the spotlight as Naz's trial reaches an unexpected climax.