Customer Service
Silicon Valley | Season 4 | Episode 6

Customer Service

TV-MA | 31 MIN

Written by Graham Wagner and Shawn Boxe
Directed by Clay Tarver

Russ Hanneman drops by the hostel and accuses Richard of stealing his idea and bringing it to Gavin. When Richard asks him for funding, Russ pees in Erlich's Corvette in response. After being rejected by the last person with money in the Valley, Richard decides to pivot and focus on securing a customer before their product is built.

Erlich and Richard shop the storage-saving component of their peer-to-peer internet to companies across the Valley. They speak with Liz at Fiduciated General Insurance who agrees to introduce them to the CTO (and her fiance) -- Dan Melcher, the TechCrunch judge whose first two wives Erlich slept with. Erlich and Richard miraculously get Melcher to consider their proposal and Richard works through the details with Liz because Erlich can't be trusted around Dan's fiance.

While Richard works with Liz, Erlich asks Monica and Laurie for a job at their new firm, and is told he'll need to convince Laurie of his value. Defeated, Erlich goes to a coffee shop where he accidentally sits down with a group of VCs meeting with Keenan Feldspar: a tech guru who developed a new VR headset. Erlich impresses Feldspar with his bravado, and returns to BreamHall with the tech star to prove his worth to Laurie.

While testing the newest version of Pied Piper Dinesh and Gilfoyle do something that accidentally merges the data on their phones. Jared confiscates the devices before they can do too much digging.

Richard and Liz work late on the agreement and end up having sex. Panicking, Richard confides to Jared, who asks if he's in love. Jared notes it might be difficult to extricate Richard from the situation because Liz might be in love with him: "Richard, this is no time for false humility. You're a catch, just deal with it."

Richard goes back to FGI to talk to Liz and they agree their tryst was a mistake; Liz notes it's the worst sex she's ever had "by far." The two agree to just close the deal and move on.