Startup With Silicon Valley

Get up to speed on the highs, lows and many pivots.


A new CEO makes the guys think inside the box. Richard considers a CTO position at a popular social media app — accompanied by unfiltered satire.


Richard doesn’t understand how his universal, lossless compression platform “totally freaks out” a focus group, but maybe Pipey can help?


Jared goes “black hat,” and Erlich goes on an epic rant touting his scheme of courting VC at the Rosewood.

Season Three Premiere. Richard decides whether to leave Pied Piper for good, while the rest of the team weighs their options.
The new and improved Pied Piper impresses Dinesh and Gilfoyle, but worries Richard; Jared and Erlich each face housing issues; Gavin suggests a controversial move.
Richard searches for a way around Jack; Gilfoyle opens himself up to recruiters; Dinesh draws unwanted attention from a recent purchase.
The Pied Piper guys struggle to phone it in; Erlich faces competition; Monica takes a stand; Gavin makes a decision about Nucleus.
Richard lets his ego get in the way at an interview; Dinesh, Gilfoyle and Jared misplace some hardware; Erlich pitches his plans to Big Head.
Richard's new relationship is threatened by neuroses; Big Head and Erlich's launch party has snags; Dinesh falls for a foreign coworker.
The beta version of Pied Piper receives an unexpected response; Monica worries about how to deliver criticism; Erlich faces financial woes.
Erlich struggles to come clean to Richard; Jared's latest fashion makes a splash; Gavin faces major life changes.
Richard looks to bridge the gap between Pied Piper and its users, while Gavin works to reclaim his former glory.
Season Three Finale. Richard and the guys of Pied Piper consider their company's future; Gavin's comeback is threatened.