The Whole Beefalo
Hung | Season 3 | Episode 10

The Whole Beefalo

TV-MA | 25 MIN

Written by Kyle Peck
Directed by Adam Davidson

After performing a fake marriage proposal for a client, Ray returns to the wellness center and finds two people from the bail bondsman's office ransacking the place. Now that Charlie's jumped bail, they want to claim the $40,000 Tanya posted for him. Ray and Tanya get Lydia, a police office and their former client, to run Charlie's license plate and find out that the pimp lives on a farm stocked with valuable beefalos.

Dr. Matt calls Jessica into his office and fires her over some mislabeled urine. At first she leaves, but after a confrontation with her neighbors works her into a rage, Jessica returns to lay into Matt for sexually harassing her, being lousy in bed and firing her. "I want severance," she tells him." Jason breaks up with Sandee (despite her grandmother's recent death) so he can hook up with Lenore again. Sandee goes off the deep end and pays her rival pimp a visit - to shoot her.

Ray and Tanya return to the farm to rustle $40,000 worth of Charlie's beefalos, but he catches them mid-heist. Ray berates him for taking advantage of Tanya, but Charlie fires back that Ray is a "bottomless ho" who has wasted her time and money. Tanya ends the debate by threatening to turn Charlie in to the bondsman. Not willing to call her bluff, Charlie hands over 10 of the animals to cover his debt. Finally made whole, both pimp and ho ride off into the night in search of a butcher with some cash on hand.