Gillian Jacobs Says Mimi-Rose Keeps Adam on His Toes

The Community star untangles the Adam, Ace and Mimi-Rose love triangle.

  • How did you wind up on ?Girls??

  • Well, I was walking down the street in New York, and I saw what I thought was a TV show or movie shooting. I walked by and it just so happened to be the crew of ?Girls? and I looked through the window of the trailer and saw [executive producer] Jenni Konner. She saw me and waved me in, then asked me, ?Did they talk to you yet? We?ve been thinking about you for this part.? As I was leaving, I got a call from my agent about the role and I was like, ?I know, I was just on set!? It was a really funny, strange, great moment.

  • What about the character of Mimi-Rose appealed to you?

  • I knew very little about Mimi-Rose or where the story would go when I signed on for it, but personally, it felt different from the role I play on ?Community,? so I was excited about playing a very different sort of person on TV. When you?re on a TV show for six years, people just start to see you as this one person. It felt like a great opportunity for me.

  • What?s the difference between working on a network sitcom and a show like ?Girls??

  • For me it was nothing but positive. ?Community? is so broke that we don?t really get to go on location, so to work on a show where you?re primarily working on location was really great. And to get to be on a show where I didn?t feel like I had to make everything funny was also really refreshing. When you work on a network sitcom for a long time, you don?t often get the chance to do heavier material, so I was grateful that they gave me a character where some of it wasn?t funny at all.

  • What do you think it is about Adam that appeals to Mimi-Rose, and vice-versa?

  • Probably for both of them it felt like a change. When you meet Mimi-Rose?s ex, Ace [played by Zachary Quinto], you see the way in which Adam is different from people she?s previously dated, and I think you can clearly see how Mimi-Rose is different from Hannah. When you get out of a long relationship, sometimes you think the best thing to do is just to date the complete opposite of your ex. She?s used to dating visual artists and people in the art world, so I think that?s part of Adam?s appeal as well. For Adam, Mimi-Rose is so much more self-sufficient, self-contained than Hannah. She?s keeping him on his toes a little bit; he doesn?t quite know where he stands with her, which I think sometimes people like, at least early on.

  • When the four of them head out to the after party, the boys wind up in one cab and the girls in another. There?s a look on Mimi-Rose?s face when she?s telling Adam to take the cab with Ace -- do you think she?s up to something?

  • I definitely know people who like to pick at emotional scabs, or dig deep into other people?s emotional lives and create scenarios in which drama is likely to happen. It certainly feels like Mimi-Rose is doing some of that in this moment. Definitely not a move I would pull! I don?t know too many people who would want their current boyfriend and their ex-boyfriend in the same cab.

  • What?s your take on Ace?s revelation to Adam that Mimi-Rose is not who she claims to be?

  • I think when you want to be famous, very serious artist, perhaps you?re not going to lead with the fact that you like normal, pedestrian things. Also, I think Ace is trying to drive a wedge between Adam and Mimi-Rose, and this is convenient way. We don?t know if Ace is a reliable narrator; I think there?s some truth to what he?s saying -- Mimi-Rose has done a good job of making herself seem like an enigmatic person.

  • Hannah goes on a rant about ?real art? near the end of this episode, and it seems to put a crack in Mimi-Rose?s fa�ade.

  • Hannah is quite rightly pointing out that the art show was not very good, and I don?t think that Mimi-Rose was ever in denial about that. Having Hannah say it to her face is in some way a relief and allows Mimi-Rose to express her self-doubt and insecurity that she normally likes to keep to herself. I think a lot of people go around feeling like frauds all the time and maybe it?s sort of great when someone calls you out on it to your face. Hannah can?t stand Mimi-Rose, so she gives it to her in the bluntest terms possible, which is probably refreshing for Mimi-Rose.

  • Mimi-Rose suggests that she might ?give Adam? back to Hannah -- like he?s chattel. Is this a trap, or how she really feels relationships should work?

  • There?s two things going on there. On the one hand, she wants to see what Hannah will say if she says that to her, and on the other, she philosophically believes what?s she?s saying. I think she might now be as obsessed with Adam as Hannah is or was. Hannah and Adam had such an intense relationship where they had periods of either one rejecting the other and desperately wanting to get back together, so maybe the relationship between Adam and Mimi-Rose just isn?t burning as brightly. I think that?s probably confusing for both Hannah and Adam.