How Zosia Momet Prepared for Shoshanna's 'Crackcident'

After the Season 1 finale, the actress discusses developing Shoshanna as a character, not a caricature.

  • When we first see Shoshanna in this episode she'd been waiting alone at the party for hours. How does she fit within this group of girls? Can she fare on her own?

  • She's definitely the naïve one of the bunch, but they all love her. They find her endearing, and they all relate to her differently. Jessa, at first, just finds her amusing, but they develop a more real relationship. I think she's fine on her own, but she'd probably just stand in a corner and bop her head. I don't think she really interacts with other people.

  • Shoshanna and Jessa are related but don't act too much alike. Have they been close? What's their relationship like?

  • I think Shoshanna has probably idolized Jessa and Jessa never even thought much about Shoshanna. They don't have much to do with each other at the beginning, but as the series goes on they develop more of a real loving relationship. Shoshanna realizes that Jessa isn't perfect and Jessa realizes Shoshanna has something to offer.

  • There's a lot more to Shoshanna than her introduction as the girl who's obsessed with 'Sex and the City.' How has she grown over the season?

  • She has a lot of illuminating experiences that the other girls bring her into. I think she steps into herself a bit more as the season goes on, becoming a bit more grounded. She's still trying to be a perfect version of what she thinks she's supposed to be, but she allows herself to be a little bit more herself.

  • When complimented on her outfit, she reflexively says, "Oh, it's 6 months old." Does she care a lot about clothes? What is her personal style?

  • She most definitely cares about clothing, but I don't know if she knows what her own personal taste is. I think she's so busy reading magazines and worrying about what the right thing to wear is all the time that she ends up dressing like an asshole. I'd be interested to know what her actual style sense is, as opposed to what she thinks it should be.

  • Ray tells Jessa in this episode that he isn't running "a J.A.P. day care." Do you worry about her coming across as a type?

  • I tried really hard to not make her too much of a caricature. I know Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner are always on the lookout for that. She's most definitely a character; she's not a subtle role to play. I'm sure some people think of her like that, but I hope that the majority of people don't. She might seem initially ridiculous, but she has a complicated inner life.

  • Why is she so on edge about being a virgin? Does she feel defined by it?

  • There's a lot of worry there. It's something that she thinks about constantly. It's probably something that if she walked down the street and someone looked at her funny she'd think, "They know, they know I'm a virgin." She thinks of it like a weird growth that she wants to have removed.

  • What is Shoshanna like on crack?

  • She's so worried about the fact that she's smoked crack, that it's causing her more anxiety than whatever the drugs are actually doing to her brain. I was a little bit worried about shooting the episode, and I said to Lena, "When she's at a normal speed it is like a normal human on crack, so what is she like actually on crack?" It's like Shoshanna 5.0-that much speedier and that much more hyper-aware than she already is. Poor thing.

  • How did you decide to play that?

  • I've never done crack, so I wasn't quite sure. The only research I did was briefly Googling what people are like on crack, and after two YouTube videos, I was like, "I cannot watch this. This is terrifying." The only thing I can think of was someone on coke, but even with that people were saying, "Don't touch your nose, people are going to think you're on coke and it's very different." Everyone weighed in with their ideas about what people are like when they're on crack. It was a true team effort. I tried to make her as speedy as possible, the most self-aware, a little bit paranoid, and without being too over the top, use physical attributes to make it clear I was on drugs. Having never done drugs, that was difficult.