Scott LavinScott Lavin

Interview With Scott Caan

  • You've appeared on the series before, was it always the plan to join the cast?

  • Doug approached me a few years ago, after Season 4 or 5, to play myself. I remember telling him I'd really loved to be on the show, but I felt like playing myself wasn't right, and to keep me in mind. Last year he called me with this and I liked it immediately.

  • Besides sharing a name, how similar are you to Scott Lavin?

  • I guess there's always a little part of you in what you do -- it's a side of me that's obnoxious, annoying and pushy. And the name is coincidental, he wrote the part based on a friend whose name is Scott.

  • Speaking of pushy, should Eric trust Scott?

  • Eric sees me as something bad for Vince. He thinks he's got Vince's career in control and he doesn't need anyone, and certainly doesn't need anyone to butt heads with him to try and step in on what's his. But ultimately you see I'm just hungry to be successful.

  • That includes going skydiving with a client. Had you ever jumped out of a plane before?

  • I have gone skydiving before. When Doug was trying to think of things Vince does on this path, I remember he called me and told me I was going skydiving. I don't know if you've ever done it, but it's one of the craziest things I've ever done. When I jumped out a plane the first time, I thought it was one of the most amazing experiences in my life... and that I'd never do it again.

  • What's the worst manager backstabbing story you've heard?

  • Everybody says such bad things about managers and agents, but I don't. They get such a bad rap. You know, it's such a weird job, your success based on other people's success and ultimately when they become big movie stars, it's less about what you can do for them. I've left one agency to go for another because the new agency told me, "If you go here, we have all these projects we're packaging together and it'll help you get those jobs." But ultimately that never happened -- I've never had the experience of someone saying, "You can have Johnny Depp if you also take Scott Caan," which is what agencies say they'll do.

  • Who would win in a fight, Scott Lavin or E?

  • We're similar, and the idea is that he has qualities I don't have, and I have qualities that he doesn't. I guess it would be a good fight.

  • You and Kevin Connolly don't face off or arm wrestle on the set just to see?

  • No, we just laugh.

  • You're a screenwriter yourself; do you give Doug Ellin any input on the scripts?

  • We write together on other things. I have a couple of projects I'm trying to get Doug to help me get off the ground. With the show, he'll give me a script and ask me for notes. But I rarely think something's wrong. Nobody knows the characters better than Doug and Ally [Musika]. I'd almost feel goofy telling them what to say.