Entourage | Season 8 | Episode 5


TV-MA | 29 MIN

Written by Ally Musika
Directed by David Nutter

Shauna escorts Vince to his Vanity Fair interview and notices that he is smitten with the journalist, Sophia Lear.

Concerned that Dice's replacement Stevie is ruining the show, Drama asks Eric and Scott to come to the studio and confirm his fears. Eric begs off: He's meeting with Melinda Clarke, Sloan's ex-stepmother. Scott warns E not to use the meeting as a chance to try to win back Sloan. Over drinks, Melinda catches Eric off guard when she asks him to represent her, explaining Sloan always spoke so highly of him, and Melinda has always valued her opinion.

Ari's kids arrive at his office for a day at Disneyland, although Sarah protests she's too old for the theme park. Barbara Miller interrupts with the news that Taylor Lautner needs a quick read on a script that he wants to make with Dana Gordon. At the mention of Dana's name, Mrs. Ari splits.

During his interview, Vince repeatedly hits on Sophia Lear. When Sophia cuts the interview short, Shauna tells Vince it was a disaster. Although Vince wants to call her personally to apologize, Shauna advises him to steer clear.

At a 'Johnny's Bananas' taping, Drama's new co-star complains about the job Drama is doing. "I'm here making choices and you're just making voices," he says. Although sympathetic to Drama's concerns, Billy says Stevie's hire was a network decision. Drama debates giving Dice a share of his salary to bring him back.

Catching their dad in conference with Babs and Dana, Ari's kids complain he should be out with them. When Dana introduces herself, Jonah asks her if she's the Dana their mom hates. Humiliated, Dana storms out, despite Ari's protests not to let the situation ruin their business relationship.

Eric wants to turn Melinda down, but Scott urges him to think like a businessman. Swearing he cares nothing for Sloan, E agrees to represent Melinda.

Vince calls Sophia to apologize and asks for a second meeting so she can get what she needs for her piece. While Turtle chaperones,

Sophia meets Vince at the hotel. She is impressed when he opens up about how being raised by women has made him the man he is, but empathically turns him down when he asks her out again.

Drama tries to talk Dice into returning to work, but Dice refuses to yield—his son just got into Princeton and he needs money for tuition.

Drama offers to pay him out his own salary so that they're evenly compensated, and while touched, Dice says no. He thinks Stevie is the network's bluff.

Later that day, Eric has a candid discussion with Melinda about Sloan. Melinda realizes Eric isn't over her, so she tells him Sloan was an ice princess and the marriage would never have succeeded. As the two trade complaints about the McQuewicks, they end up in bed.

Ari tries to apologize to his wife when he returns the kids home, but Mrs. Ari reminds him work has always trumped family, as evidenced by his inability to follow through on his plans today. She informs him that she's moving forward for a divorce. Stunned, Ari gets drunk at his apartment and takes up Dana's offer to come over.

Drama goes to Phil to protest Dice's replacement. Phil tells him that for the network, it's not a buddy show— it's a vehicle for Drama. Feeling empowered by the compliment, Drama goes on strike too.

Post-sex, Eric gets a furious phone call from Sloan: She heard from her father that Melinda intended to bed Eric… which Melinda coyly confirms.