One Last Shot
Entourage | Season 8 | Episode 3

One Last Shot

TV-MA | 30 MIN

Written by Wesley Nickerson III & Kenny Niebart
Directed by Dan Attias

At a Narcotics Anonymous meeting, Vince runs into Carl Ertz, the producer who screwed him out of a part in 'Danger Beach' years ago. Ertz apologizes and asks to be involved in the TV movie Vince wrote for Drama. Ready to forgive, Vince agrees.

When Vince updates Ari, he says no to working with Ertz. "It is my job to protect you from damaging yourself again," he tells his star client. Ari calls in Lloyd, the "interim head" of the TV department, for updates on the miner project, only to realize he never briefed Lloyd about it because he's been distracted by the separation. Sympathetic, Lloyd and Vince urge him to go out on the town and Ari talks a big game to cover his fear: "You do not want to compete against me for ass." Surrendering, Ari agrees to let Lloyd set him up on a date and bring Ertz in on the TV movie.

Drama turns to Scott and Eric for help dealing with Andrew Dice Clay who is still insisting they walk off 'Johnny's Bananas.' Scott, tired of being hounded, convinces Eric to make the call to Phil Yagoda. Phil can't believe their chutzpah and warns Johnny to back down – strong test results are no guarantee of ratings success.

Carlos thanks Turtle for the success of Avión by presenting him with a gold watch… and some news: Turtle's services will no longer be needed because a national distribution company wants to handle Avión. Carlos highlights the upside – Turtle can now enjoy the fruits of his investment – to cushion the blow that things are also over between him and Alex; she's met someone else.

On a date with Lloyd's friend, Ari tries to have a good time despite the difference in their ages. As things heat up inside the car, Ari is startled by his date's roommate and the mood is broken. Feeling lonely, he heads over to Dana Gordon's for a drink. Waking up together, they reminisce about why their relationship ended: She wanted to get married.

Vince tries to cheer up Turtle and finds out his dream is to bring their favorite restaurant, Don Pepe, to the west coast. Turtle decides to sell his Avión stock for seed money and Vince offers to do the same. Turtle calls Mark Cuban to let him know and finds out he will make $300,000 and Vince will pocket $1 million when they cash out. Turtle tells Vince to have their accountant handle the sale.

E, Scott and Drama go to Dice's home to break the news to him. Certain the show is a guaranteed hit, Dice refuses to surrender and fires Scotty as his manager. Phil Yagoda immediately replaces Dice, horrifying Billy and Drama.

Turtle and Vince go to Ertz's house to talk about the project for CBS but the producer pitches another project instead, proposing Vince play an IRS agent. Ertz alternately apologizes and then rages at Vince before excusing himself to clean up. Despite Turtle's instincts, Vince refuses to leave. Locked in the bathroom, Ertz does some more coke and then shoots himself.