Out With A Bang
Entourage | Season 8 | Episode 2

Out With A Bang

TV-MA | 25 MIN

Written by Ally Musika
Directed by Doug Ellin

Now living in The Roosevelt Hotel, the guys are impressed Vince has pounded out an outline of Johnny's TV movie overnight. Vince wants to pass it on to Billy Walsh to flesh it out and Drama readily agrees: "Guy knows my voice like Scorsese knows DeNiro's."

Turtle begins to worry when Alex, away promoting Avión, doesn't return his calls. His worries increase when he finds out she been in touch with all the other Avión girls.

Eric is surprised when Sloan calls to scream "F*ck you" at him, unaware that she is responding to the voice mail message he left the night before. He heads to her place to clear out his stuff and they end up having breakup sex.

Lloyd asks Ari to make him the head of the TV department so they can land producer Steve Levitan... then breaks the news he spotted Mrs. Ari at Flay's restaurant. Ari forces Lloyd to return with him to find out who would draw her to a restaurant he knows she loathes. Ari quizzes the staff and is crushed to learn his wife might be dating an actor-waiter.

Eager for representation, Andrew Dice Clay goes to see Scott, who turns out to be a big fan. After Phil Yagoda tells the boys the show tested through the roof, Dice tries to talk Drama into walking so they can get a raise.

Ari calls his sister-in-law to find out details about Mrs. Ari's boyfriend and determines that she is dating the waiter. Ari offers Lloyd a shot as head of TV, as long he screws up the waiter's upcoming 'Mad Men' audition. When Mrs. Ari finds out the audition was sabotaged, she storms into Ari's office and reveals she's dating Bobby Flay, not someone on his staff. Furious, Ari bans the agency from dining at any Flay establishment.

Still hopeful that he and Sloan can reconcile, Eric is caught off guard when she calls to thank him for the closure: She's moving to New York.