Whiz Kid
Entourage | Season 8 | Episode 4

Whiz Kid

TV-MA | 22 MIN

Written by Doug Ellin & Jerry Ferrara
Directed by Roger Kumble

Vince, still reeling from Ertz's suicide, heads to the police station with Turtle to give a statement.

Ari wakes up with Dana Gordon and they both marvel at having kept their phones off for so long. Ari surprises Dana with the news that he's expected at couple's therapy, but the conversation is interrupted with the news of Ertz's death.

Because there were drugs on the scene, Vince finds out he will need to be tested. "I didn't touch anything in his house," he assures everyone. Ari excuses himself to meet his wife at therapy, even though Shauna tells him it's a waste of time: Everyone knows his wife is dating Bobby Flay.

Vince tells Eric he needs advice, not a lecture—he had a few puffs of pot the other day.

Mrs. Ari is furious when Ari arrives late for their appointment. "Something always happens," she says, trying to get him to understand that she should be as important as his work. Ari accuses her of acting out because she found someone new, and reveals he's dating now too. Incredulous, Mrs. Ari storms out.

Doing research, the boys find out that weed can stay in the system for 90 days. In an attempt to flush Vince's system, Drama mixes up vinegar, water and niacin and asks all the guys to drink it as a show of solidarity. Only Drama can keep it down. Although E tries to get the test pushed back, he learns it will be in four hours. Vince goes for a drive to clear his head, and seeks out Billy Walsh.

Dana Gordon is impressed when Ari invites her to dinner. She shares her concerns about Vince and the drug test, but Ari promises there's nothing to worry about.

Billy Walsh explains to Vince how the drug test will work, but briefly hesitates about recommending a prosthetic for him to use to mask his urine. Because it's his only option, Vince insists they get one.

At dinner, Dana rues that even if she has the career she wanted, she's still single at 40. The mood shifts when Bobby Flay comes out to confront them, and Dana, realizing Ari had ulterior motives, storms out.

Before he heads to the test, Vince bares all to E—he's wearing a prosthetic penis filled with clean urine. E is furious that he even pursued this option and insists that Vince take it off; if he's caught, the damage will be worse than testing positive for pot.

Ari gets an equally furious phone call from his wife who has found out about his date from Bobby Flay. "I guess the bro code's out the window when you're f*cking someone's wife," retorts Ari. Mrs. Ari tells him she would have been fine if it was with anyone else, but hearing he was out with Dana Gordon just confirms years of suspicions.

Ari goes to the hotel to wait for the results with the guys and finds out Vince might test positive for weed. Should it come to that, asks E, will he talk to Dana Gordon so that they don't lose 'Air-Walker'?

When the results declare Vince clean, he swears to everyone that his focus is back. E realizes that Vince never took off the prosthetic and the gang celebrates his close call.