Talk Show
Entourage (LWM) | Season 1 | Episode 3

Talk Show

TV-MA | 27 MIN

Directed by Julian Farino
Written by Larry Charles

Partying after a boxing match, Vince runs into Jimmy Kimmel, who immediately does his best to get Vince to commit to an appearance on his show the following night. Vince agrees, much to the chagrin of Shauna, who would rather see her client appear on Leno or Letterman. Also at the party, Luke Wilson tells Turtle and Drama about his new home theatre setup, planting the idea in their heads that they need an upgrade.

The next day, Drama reveals he and Kimmel have a past history, and that Kimmel disappeared and ignored him when Drama's career cooled off. Regardless, Vince decides to appear on Kimmel's show, and goes shopping with his publicist Shauna and Eric so he'll look good for the taping. Eric warns his friend not to ad lib his interview, remembering some previous disasters.

Eric's mind is elsewhere anyway, as his ex-, Kristen, visits the house to pick up a few of items that she had left behind. The former couple end up coupling again, but Kristen later dismisses it as "break-up sex."

The backstage area of the Kimmel show lives up to its wild reputation, and Vince has a romantic encounter with former fling and fellow guest Sara Foster in her dressing room. Meanwhile, Eric and Emily get some time to hang out privately, while Ari tries to woo comedian Sarah Silverman into joining his stable.

A relaxed Vince delivers a knockout performance on the show. During the segment, Kimmel even calls out Drama for an on-air reconciliation, giving him a golden opportunity for a plug - and a free home theatre set-up for the house.