Under One Roof
Big Love | Season 4 | Episode 6

Under One Roof

TV-MA | 59 MIN

Written by Coleman Herbert
Directed by Dan Attias

Out at lunch with the State GOP Chairman, Barb and Bill spot Ana, who is waitressing at the restaurant. She is pregnant and admits the baby is Bill's but she doesn't want to be a burden. When Barb fills Nicki and Margene in on Ana's news, Nicki suggests it could be a scam given the marriage was so short lived: "Conceiving in 48 hours, that's hitting a real bulls eye." Barb insists they make room for the baby in their lives and so the wives ambush Ana at work to offer their support. Bill spots them from a table across the restaurant (where's he's staked out) and orders them to butt out and let him handle Ana. But when he tells her he wants some say in his baby's life, Ana flees, overwhelmed.

Bill tells the Flutes he wants to expand the casino's market by advertising in Idaho, insisting he's just trying to protect the business, should he be exposed as a polygamist as a result of his campaign. Jerry is not pleased and informs Bill that Marilyn Densham is coming to give her pitch to the tribe, in spite of Bill's objections. The lobbyist wins Barb's favor with a gift of hot chocolate and by pointing out what a boy's club the casino is. As a result, Barb makes sure she's at Marilyn's pitch meeting.

Meanwhile, Lois, Frank, Jodean and Ben go to Mexico to "cut out the middle man" and get their birds directly from the supplier. When Bill learns they're out of town, he orders Lois to get Ben home; Lois tells him they're on a road trip to the Tetons and continues with her plan to retrieve the birds. After Lois's contact "Don Dona" stalls, they return the next day for their birds and are ambushed by Hollis and Selma Greene, who capture them for poaching their supplier.

Bill asks Dale whether he's having "inappropriate contact with Albert Grant." Unsure how much Bill knows, Dale insists he's only trying to get him to cooperate with the audit. Bill emphasizes what a sociopath Alby is. When Alby shows Dale the love nest apartment he's rented for them in Salt Lake City, Dale confronts him about the things Bill said (that he tried to kill his father and is performing sealings). Alby insists he is "not the devil."

Nicki can't get past her disgust about Adaleen's pending sealing to JJ, and confides to Bill that she believes she is damaged from the way they were raised. She's further aggravated when Wanda calls her in a panic. Wanda's family has been arriving from Kansas, and she has "a terrible foreboding." When Nicki calls Alby to warn him that Lura is the one telling people about his affair with Dale, he ends their call to go perform the sealings. Springing into action, Nicki shows up at Adaleen's sealing dressed like a hooker: "It's me mama, it's who I've always been inside." She searches all of the motel rooms until she finds Cara Lynn and rescues her just in time from being married off to the elderly Toby. Adaleen and JJ, however, head off to consummate their union.

Ana changes her mind and asks Bill for financial help in exchange for future visitation - but she wants nothing to do with the wives. Nonetheless, Barb barges into her home and discovers Ana's fiancé Goran. Barb tells Ana she cannot give up a child conceived in her marriage, and Ana reveals that the baby was conceived before they were married. Reeling from the news, Barb confronts Bill, who admits he made a mistake, "I've been tested and failed." But Barb is fed up with the higher good Bill claims to be striving for.

Margene goes to Bill, voicing her objection to going public and he reprimands her for being selfish. Later, Barb and Nicki gang up on Margene about her resistance. Margene presses them to voice their fears and Barb confesses how terrified she is, but a furious Nicki confronts Margene on her toastmaster speeches about being an "independent" career women. "We are the women behind the woman!" Nicki insists.

At the casino, Marilyn reveals that Bill's attempt to expand their reach has backfired - the Evangelicals are coming after them to get gambling outlawed. She insists it's a beatable ballot initiative-with her help. The Flutes don't want a war with the religious right, and with Barb's blessing (and without Bill's), they hire Marilyn.

Spying on Alby, Lura figures out what's going on and tells Bill that Dale is a homosexual and must be removed from the UEB trusteeship. Suspicious, Bill goes back to Dale and asks if he and Alby are having an affair. Dale admits the truth and agrees to resign; sobbing, he asks for Bill's help to avoid an investigation. But Lura goes to Dale's home and reveals the truth to his wife. Later, Alby opens the door to the love nest to find Dale - hanging from the roof beam.

In response to Barb's furor over his affair with Ana, Bill packs the wives in the Denali and takes them to see the new "campaign headquarters" he's been hunting for - which is actually one extra-large house for all of them to live in together, "under one roof," as public polygamists.