The Greater Good
Big Love (LWM) | Season 4 | Episode 2

The Greater Good

TV-MA | 57 MIN

Written by Paul Redford
Directed by David Knoller

When Bill realizes State Representative Roy Coburn is coming after the compound, he decides he needs to run against him for Bob Hayes' seat in the State Senate, believing he's received a revelation from Heavenly Father to serve. Nicki wants him to be prophet of Juniper Creek instead; Barb and Margie are steadfastly opposed. Barb tells Nicki the reason Bill feels he can run is that Ray Henry delivered his files to Bill: The FBI's persecution is over. Nicki goes to Ray to thank him and confide how hard it's been to bottle up her feelings, but he shuts her out with news that he's moving out of state: "You're going to have to find someone else to be your beacon in the night."

Even though Barb wants Sarah to be sealed by Bill, Scott convinces his fiancee they should go ahead and get married by a justice of the peace. Sarah seeks out Heather and Ben to be their somewhat reluctant witnesses.

Barb and Bill approach Ted and Cindy to test the waters about Bill running for office. They discourage him: "No one has to dig too deep to find out you're not a member of any ward. And, you may have nine children, but you can only claim three," Ted points out. To address the issue, Bill and Barb beg the Stake President to let them back into the church — after Barb promises that they've "dissolved all other relationships." "I don't know what's worse," she tells Bill. "Groveling to them, or lying to their faces."

Bill invites JJ and Malinda to dinner, against Nick's wishes, and presses JJ about taking a look at the Kansas compound's books but he shuts him down. When JJ asks about Roman's memorial, Nicki announces she's not going -- surprising her family, and upsetting Cara Lynn. Adaleen and Evie confront Nicki about coming to Roman's funeral. She refuses, insisting she believes he was a false Prophet. "Then don't come to mourn the Prophet," says her mother. "Come to mourn your father." In the end, Nicki brings Cara Lynn to the funeral.

Joey and Wanda return; Joey has brought Bill their grandfather's Laws and Doctrine, "From when he received his calling to be Prophet." He believes Bill is meant to be Prophet but again Bill insists it's the State Senate seat that's calling him. Meanwhile, JJ makes it clear to his sister Wanda that he knows Joey killed Roman.

Bill and the wives learn how profitable Margene's new business is, but she refuses to just sign it all over to the "common pot." Meanwhile, Nicki admits to Marge that she's not sure she's in love with Bill, and Bill confronts Nicki about the men who've come between them (Roman, Ray and now JJ).

Alby follows Dale to an Alignment group and confronts him with a passionate kiss that sends Dale running.

When Barb sees Sarah and Heather on their way to the justice of the peace, Sarah's guilt stops her from going through with the ceremony before telling her father. She lets Bill know that she learned how to follow her convictions from him - so she's going through with the non-church wedding. Seeking a solution, Bill convinces the couple to have their civil ceremony in the family's backyard, with everyone there. But first — he calls the wives together to announce that he is running for office in order to go public about their polygamy once elected and "put a different face on the Principle."