Strange Bedfellows
Big Love | Season 4 | Episode 3

Strange Bedfellows

TV-MA | 58 MIN

Written by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa
Directed by Adam Davidson

Bill heads to Washington to seek an endorsement from Congressman Paley - and has Nicki join him for a romantic weekend to get their relationship back on track. But Nicki brings along Cara Lynn, whose conservative attire doesn't exactly help them blend. At Bill's behest, she gives her daughter a makeover that makes Cara Lynn uncomfortable: "I don't feel pretty, I feel naked." When Bill is shut out of his meeting with Paley he tries to get into the Congressman's fundraiser but ticks off the legislator's powerful head lobbyist Marilyn Densham with his rudeness, and she shuts him out. He later realizes his mistake in not recognizing her and tries to smooth things over to get Paley's endorsement, but Densham stonewalls him.

Back home, Sarah stops by to visit and ends up tagging along with Barb to the casino to help her with Mormon sensitivity training for the Navajo staff. Driving home, they accidentally hit a Navajo girl and take her for medical treatment. Tommy shows up and orders Barb to leave and let him take care of the girl. Upset, Sarah returns on her own to offer the girl some money- and runs into Barb, who is also checking up on her. Sarah wants to help and convinces Barb to give the girl a job. But when Tommy finds out, he's furious: The girl is a meth addict. Tommy confides about their attempts to contain the drug problems his people battle, and to keep drugs away from the casino. Later, Sarah secretly brings the girl and her baby to her apartment to help them out.

Alby continues to court Dale aggressively, and in spite of Dale's insistence that they can't continue to act on their impulses - they do. Dale tries to convince Alby to work on reforming Juniper Creek. When Alby admits how isolated he feels, Dale informs him that their burden will only last a lifetime - "same gender attraction doesn't the celestial kingdom. We are not stuck with this forever. Only for now." Haunted by guilt, Alby tries to ignore the demeaning words of Roman's ghost.

JJ drops hints to Wanda about an investigation into Roman's death, and when she relays this news to Joey, it has just the effect JJ intended: It scares Joey and Wanda into digging up Roman's body out of concern that Joey's DNA has been trapped under Roman's fingernails.

Margene gets a shot at a live primetime spot for "Hearts on a Sleeve" - and hosting her own special - but everyone in the family is too busy to attend the show. Margene invites Jodean to be in the live audience. They are interrupted by a furious JJ, who storms Margene's house late at night looking for Cara Lynn. Ben comes to their rescue, kicking JJ out. Upset, Margene calls Bill to insist he return home, but Nicki intercepts the call and refuses to let her talk to Bill. Margene asks Ben to stay over for protection. When Frank insists Jodean return home, Ben offers to reschedule his gig so Margene has someone at her big show, but Marge insists she's fine.

JJ calls Bill directly, furious that Nicki took Cara Lynn to Washington without his permission. Nicki swears to Bill that she cleared it with JJ; later, she chastises Cara Lynn for lying about getting her father's blessing for the trip. Bill crashes the Paley fundraiser, and a furious Marilyn informs him he's got no shot at an endorsement. Nicki shows up to bring Bill his forgotten notes and corners Marilyn in the ladies room. Posing as Bill's employee "Daphne," Nicki sings Bill's praises. Realizing Bill has some power - and a casino - back in Utah, Marilyn does a 180 and helps him convince Paley to make a campaign donation (as a tacit endorsement).

Outside the fundraiser, Cara Lynn confronts Nicki about abandoning her for most of her life, and now trying to turn her into someone she's not: "I have seven mothers and you're not one of them!" When Nicki tries to quiet her, she throws a tantrum and gets Nicki arrested for the gun she's been carrying in her purse for protection. Bill comforts an upset Nicki post-arrest, who insists she just wants Cara Lynn to have choices she didn't: "I don't want her to have a life like mine."

Ben surprises Margene at her show. Moved, Margene kisses him - a real kiss that stuns them both. Her producer sees and introduces Ben in the audience during the live show as Margene's husband - as Barb watches from home in shock.