The Mighty and Strong
Big Love | Season 4 | Episode 4

The Mighty and Strong

TV-MA | 58 MIN

Written by Melanie Marnich
Directed by Dan Attias

Bill gears up to formally announce his candidacy for Republican State Senate against Roy Colburn. But Colburn's team turns up the heat, trying to dig up dirt on Bill. They find it when an INS team, reviewing the Home Plus books in search of illegals, finds the extra wives on the payroll (for medical coverage). Nicky, who has infiltrated the Colburn campaign to spy, alerts Bill, and he gets Don to take the fall for him, coming out as a polygamist to take the attention off Bill just in time for his announcement.

When Barb presses Margene about her on-air "blooper" with Ben, aka "Mr. Margene," she admits to an accidental peck on the lips. Barb insists she straighten it out before Bill finds out, or: "The sugar will really hit the fan." Marge tells Bill about the snafu and urges him to let her ignore it, but Bill insists she set the record straight. Meanwhile, Bill asks Ben if there's anything they need to discuss, and his son says no. But when Ben confronts Margene about the kiss and her refusal to be honest about it, she admits it meant something. Following Bill's command, Margene explains (in tears) during her next TV appearance that Ben is just a friend, and that her real husband "abandoned" her. Later, however, Teenie goes to her parents and tells them about the love note she intercepted from Ben to Margene during their family trip to Cumorah. "Ben isn't righteous. He's in love with Margene." When Bill confronts his son and third wife, Ben takes the blame, saying it was a stupid crush but it's over. Guilt ridden, Margene later confesses to Bill just before his campaign announcement: "I kissed him. And I meant it."

Meanwhile, JJ asks Alby about his plan for dispensing with Roman's flock and asks for Adaleen's hand for "time." "It would be most cruel to separate your father and mother for eternity." Adaleen is upset, but accepts her assignment. Nicki, however, is enraged. "This is demented beyond words." In the meantime, JJ confronts Joey with photos of Joey and Wanda digging up Roman and burning his body. With the photos as blackmail, JJ enlists Joey in a mysterious "truer cause" having to do with Bill.

At Sarah's, Layla has left Sarah with her baby, saying she's out on an errand. Up at the casino, rumors fly and Tommy tells Barb that the story around the reservation is that her "assistant" (Sarah) helped the meth addict Layla out of the hospital and bought her baby; Layla in turn used the money for drugs. Barb insists she knows nothing about it - and then calls Sarah who assures her everything is okay. When Tommy discovers Sarah is actually Barb's daughter and does have the baby, he is furious. Barb tries to calm him, explaining Sarah is just trying to do the right thing about the baby. Bill walks in on the confrontation and has to be brought up to speed. Barb and Bill demand Sarah return the little boy, just as Scott returns home and vows to stand by Sarah. Once she acknowledges she's grieving the loss of their baby, Sarah agrees to return the child.

Alby sneaks into Dale's house and surprises him with a gift and a home-cooked meal - but when he spies papers about Dale's work with the UEB he takes off. He returns later and confronts Dale about cooperating with Bill to break up the compound. Alby defends the Principle and Dale convinces him they can reform -- not destroy.

Lois is filled with pride that Bill asks her to introduce him when he announces his bid for Senate and makes sure to get back from her bird smuggling trip with Frank and Jodean in time. After her intro, Bill takes the podium, singing his mother's praise for his understanding that "Through faith and hard work a person can transform themselves." When he returns home, Ben is packing to leave. And Bill doesn't stop him.