State of the Union: Season 5

By Olivia Armstrong


What to Expect

After a whirlwind election ends in an unprecedented electoral tie, Selina Meyer and staff are back to the drawing board  —  and soon realize their victory is dependent on the loyalties of Jonah Ryan and Tom James.

Short on time? These four episodes will brief you on the latest state of affairs.


When results from “Nev-ad-a” are too close to call, the Meyer team pushes for a statewide recount, much to the chagrin of her opponent, Arizona senator Bill O’Brien. Madam President, meanwhile, meets charming billionaire banker, Charlie Baird (John Slattery), whose presence in her inner circle is deemed  —  perhaps most modestly  —  as poor timing.

Most Valuable Public Servant:

Senile numbers-cruncher Bob “The Eagle” Bradley

Ben’s former mentor assists the Meyer campaign in recounting votes in Nevada after the ballots are too close to call. Only problem is, his skills  —  geographic or otherwise  —  aren’t quite as sharp as they used to be.

Winning Line: [to Richard Splett] “Let’s hear it, Affirmative Action Jackson!”


Selina is forced to put politics on pause when her mother suffers a stroke, which sadly, turns out to be fatal. But it isn’t her mother’s passing that pushes the president to her breaking point  —  or the fact her ex-husband brought his date to the hospital  —  it’s losing Nevada. Again. The recount she pushed so hard for swings to O’Brien instead.

Most Valuable Public Servant:

Andrew Meyer’s celebrity homemaker girlfriend, Monica.

Only Andrew Meyer would bring his new girlfriend to his ex-wife’s mother’s bedside. That Catherine looks to her as a comforting, maternal figure doesn’t help the situation much either.

Winning Line: “Oh, I’m sorry, I think Catherine’s talking about me. She calls me ‘Moni.’ Sounds like ‘Mommy.’”


It’s all been leading up to this… Catherine’s documentary. While Catherine’s highly-anticipated film reveals the inner workings (or lack thereof) of her mother’s White House, and her meet-cute with Secret Service agent Marjorie, a swing vote that could determine the fate of the country rests in the hands of Jonah.

Most Valuable Public Servant:

Marjorie, Selina’s lookalike turned Catherine’s girlfriend.

In her talking-head interviews for Catherine’s documentary, Marjorie shows a softer, more vulnerable side toward the First Daughter.

Winning Line: “Would you like to have dinner with me sometime? I… just assumed because of the way you dress and the way you stare at me.”


As a hurricane of an election season  —  filled with unprecedented ties and campaigns (ahem, Jon H. Ryan)  —  comes to a somber close, the Senate is forced to vote on, not Meyer nor O’Brien, but their vice presidential running mates, Tom James and Laura “Low-ra” Montez. Yet, James’ snakelike antics to block votes for Meyer ends up biting him in the you know what  —  and Laura Montez surges ahead in the final moments of the vote. As the second female POTUS steps into the Oval Office, Selina looks to securing the one thing she has left: her legacy.

Most Valuable Public Servant:

President-Elect Laura Montez

Originally from the suburbs of Cincinnati but fluent in Spanish, President Laura Montez is here to remind you she is the embodiment of diversity.

Winning Line: “His family is from Jalisco. Es muy caliente there.”

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