The Newsroom | Season 3 | Episode 4


TV-MA | 58 MIN

Written by Aaron Sorkin and Deborah Schoeneman
Directed by Anthony Hemingway

Rebecca Halliday runs the ACN staff through what will happen now that Will has been subpoenaed. Charlie, Mac and Will try to put the court order out of their minds as they meet with Pruit, who reveals that bringing them to the White House Correspondents' Dinner - which Will had vowed on air never to attend - was a power play to show them he won't be pushed around. He presents his vison for a news network centered on user-generated content, which rankles Charlie.

In conversation with Jim and Hallie, Maggie's date Jack accidentally reveals that he and Maggie have been discussing their relationship - specifically, Jim's disapproval of Hallie's new job. When her publication, Carnivore, makes note of Will's appearance at the Correspondents' Dinner, Jim and Hallie's argument escalates.

Charlie, distressed over the prospect of working for Pruit, asks Sloan for help lining up another buyer. She suggests meeting with Antoinette Dodd, a billionaire who seems to be in the market for a media company. The meeting goes great, and it seems like Dodd is ready to make a move.

Charlie storms the boardroom to tell Pruit that Dodd is going to buy the company. But Pruit knows the truth: Dodd only met with them as leverage for another media company she was looking to buy. Pruit vows to bring Charlie into the 21st century - right after he drags him through the 19th and 20th.

Wyatt, the company's HR rep, continues his effort to prove that Don and Sloan are dating. He has a letter, from Sloan, admitting to it - she wrote it when she was worried that Don had traded on financial information she had provided. But with the company about to be sold anyway, Wyatt admits his pursuit was just for kicks.

Maggie and Jack argue over a new column Hallie wrote about her relationship with Jim. Jack tells Maggie that she's taking Hallie's side because she still likes Jim. Hallie comes to the newsroom to apologize to Jim about the column. A drunk Jim calls Hallie an "unbearable correspondent" and they argue about new media. When he compares her to a drug dealer, they realize it's over.

With the source's new deadline approaching, Mac has the team scramble to prepare the Kundu story for air. Before they do, they need to make sure the original reporter's family has been taken out of the country. Mac flies to Washington to ask the source, Lilly, to extend her deadline. Lilly says she can't promise anything, and Mac unloads on her for staying hidden while Will and Neal have to deal with the consequences of her actions. Mac threatens to out Lilly to the FBI if she needs to.

Don receives word that the reporter has left Kundu and Mac tells the team to prepare to air the story that night. Reese asks to meet with her and informs Mac that they can't run it - Pruit is afraid of the crippling fines they could incur and won't buy the network if they do. Don suggests giving the story to an old professor of his at Columbia.

Will appears before a grand jury and refuses to name his source. In chambers, the judge asks them to work out a deal so he won't have to send Will to jail. Later, in court, Rebecca and the prosecutor argue in front of the judge. The judge asks for Will's opinion, and he admits that his heart is with the prosecutor. However, since the jail time can only be punitive, Will tells the court that it will not incentivize him to name his source. The judge holds him in contempt anyway.

Mac decides she wants to get married before Will goes to jail. She sends out an email blast and the team gets to work planning a ceremony for later that day: Maggie gets flowers, Don and Jim purchase the ring, Charlie finds a musician, and Sloan buys a cake.

Will and Mac get married, and immediately after, Will is taken to jail.