The Newsroom | Season 3 | Episode 2


TV-MA | 58 MIN

Written by Aaron Sorkin
Directed by
Greg Mottola

Neal meets with Rebecca Halliday to discuss his legal situation. Will and Rebecca advise against reporting the story -- the FBI will have no way of knowing a crime has been committed. Neal, however, feels compelled to report on it.

Mac goes to a shooting range with her friend Molly, an FBI agent. She poses a hypothetical about Neal's case. Molly thinks it's unlikely he'd get anything more than a contempt charge.

Jim finds Hallie stressed out in the office, refreshing the pages of media gossip websites. The night before, she posted and quickly removed a conservative-bashing tweet from the official ACN Twitter account. When the websites pick it up, Hallie goes to Charlie's office, where she's promptly fired.

Riding the train back from Boston, Maggie overhears a government employee complaining about the president's lack of support for the EPA. She slides down in her seat and takes note of the conversation, then confronts her unwitting source. The man pleads with Maggie not to report the information, and though she's on firm legal and journalistic ground, Maggie decides to hold it for moral reasons. The exchange leaves a favorable impression on Jack, an ethics professor seated across from her on the train.

Charlie and Reese make the case for supporting ACN to Reese's twin half-siblings. The twins plan to sell their shares of the company to Savannah Capital, which is unlikely to continue supporting the news operation. Leona enters the room and tells her ex-husband's kids what she really thinks of them. She offers to buy their shares for more than Savannah is offering. Now she just has to raise $4 billion.

Rebecca and the ACN senior staff continue to discuss Neal's dilemma. Mac and Charlie feel strongly they should run the story, while Rebecca and Will argue against it. In the meantime, Neal excuses himself to use the restroom, then calls the PR firm named in the story for comment. In private, Will asks Neal to reveal the source to him so that he'll have some skin in the game, before suggesting he get somewhere safe and off the grid. Shortly thereafter, the FBI – led by Molly – raids the newsroom.