The Newsroom | Season 3 | Episode 1


TV-MA | 53 MIN

Written by Aaron Sorkin
Directed by
Anthony Hemingway

Will and Mac discuss their wedding arrangements in Will's office when Mac notices an explosion on a faraway monitor. A bomb has gone off during the Boston Marathon, and the ACN news team springs into action. Hallie wants to break in with news of the explosion from Twitter, but Mac insists they wait until they can confirm what happened. Gary confirms the attack with the FBI and Mac is ready to break in – after three other networks have already done so.

Maggie and Elliot immediately depart for Boston to report from the scene. Just before they're about to go on air, Elliot has an allergic reaction and Maggie is forced to go on camera to do the report. Maggie fills in and kills it.

Reese informs Sloan that AWM is going to miss its quarterly projections and that his twin half-siblings are going to come into a share of the company at their 25th birthday. When the stock price doesn't fall, Sloan deduces that the company is in the middle of a hostile takeover bid – this twins plan to sell their share to a company called Savannah Capital.

Neal is contacted by a source who wants to send him an encrypted message. After buying an air-gapped computer with Will's assistance, he retrieves a flash drive from inside the men's room of a restaurant. When he opens it, he finds thousands of classified documents from the Department of Defense. The documents reveal that the US was involved in a PR effort in a foreign country named Kundu which led to deadly riots. Neal shares the contents of the documents with Will and Charlie, and Will realizes that while negotiating with his source, Neal unwittingly committed a federal crime– conspiring to commit espionage.