Premiering Ain’t Easy

By Kindsey Young

Endless food, an open bar, desserts, and a lit DJ — all the ingredients for a great night! It was my first premiere party, so I made sure to jot down my thoughts as things turned up at Twitter HQ.


Part I

7:00 pm I get to the check-in table. HOST: “Insecure?” ME: “Pshh. No, are you?!” He didn’t laugh. The End. #Insecorny

7:12 pm Everyone looks sooo good! And so does this food, omg.

7:30 pm It’s time!!!

7:32 pm I remembered reading the script and thinking, “This is gonna be hard to watch.” It was.

7:37 pm “PEC”nical difficulties: When the screen freezes but just so happens to stop on a shirtless Daniel..

7:45 pm Kev’yn!!! Feels so good to see this on the big screen.

Part II

8:00 pm East Coast airing is over! Time to party until the West Coast is ready for this tea. For now, we turn up. “DJ, drop the beat.”

8:37pm Where there’s a photo booth, there’s a writers’ group pic! So funny trying to wrangle writers together in a party, but the plan is for it to go down at 8:45…

8:45 pm Nope. It is not going down at 8:45 because people are still too busy dancing and at the bar. And I think there’s a dance battle downstairs.

8:57 pm OK, we did it. Writer’s group pic successful!

Part III

9:20 pm When you’re headed to the restroom but then the DJ plays, “Back That Azz Up,” so you have to rush back to the crew before the beat drops.

9:42 pm At the bar. BARTENDER: “We have two specialty drinks. Which would —" ME: “Both.”

10:24 pm Swag Surf before watching the West coast premiere = Mandatory. An example of crowd participation at its finest.

10:45 pm It’s even better the second time around!

10:56 pm Even though I already know what happens, when I watch it, I get excited and forget I already know what happens…

11:06 pm Party over! Had a blast. Going home… to watch Insecure again.