“Mind Over Molly”

By Kindsey Young

Get more in tune with Molly as I share my take on her choices… and her voices.


Hey, Insecure fam! Unfortunately, I think it’s safe to say that our girl Issa has officially been ghosted… yikes. Where is Nathan? The thought is driving her crazy. (And I know it’s driving a lot of you crazy as well.) For anyone who has ever been ghosted before, I’m sure you can definitely relate to how Issa is feeling. Most recently in Obsessed-Like, Issa is in her head all episode. She is literally spinning out about Nathan’s whereabouts. Normally, we get Issa’s alternative point-of-view through her sporadic mirror raps, but this episode tackles a device that we almost never see in Insecure — we actually get to hear the voices in Issa’s head via voiceover throughout the episode.

Because of this, I started wondering what we’d hear if we were able to jump into Molly’s head and hear her inner-thoughts. She has a lot going on, too, you know. There’s work stuff, there’s her not-really dating life, the news about Dro and Candice having a baby, and then Issa dragging her along to fulfill her duties as a best-friend... even if that means embarrassing the hell out of herself for the second time in front of a guy she could potentially end up liking.

Here’s what I’d imagine went on in Molly’s mind throughout her moments in the episode:

Molly and Andrew’s first/not really date:

“I can do this… I can totally be open-minded.”

“I absolutely canNOT do this… he’s Asian and has a ponytail.”

“Okay, that wasn’t so bad. Maybe he’s cool… we’ll see.”

Molly’s voices during her phone conversation with Taurean about her developments at work:

“I’m really killing things at work right now. I’m a great lawyer.”

“Why in the world does Taurean feel the need to check my work? — he ain’t no teacher!”

Molly’s voices during her and Andrew’s kinda-sorta second date:

“Okay, Molly. Here’s your second, second chance to make a good impression.”

“Molly Squared is dead, Andrew! She. Is. Dead. Stop bringing her up!”

“Why on earth did I tell him about Dro? That was stupid. I am stupid.”

“How DARE Andrew read me like he knows me. He don’t know me!”

“I didn’t ruin it… HE ruined it.”

Molly’s voices with the partners at work:

“Even though I’m technically throwing bald-headed ass Taurean under the bus by doing this presentation without him, I’m also technically being really helpful...This is my time to shine.”

“I need to look like a star.”

Molly during Issa’s secret mission to Andrew and Nathan’s house:

“Why am I best friends with this crazy stalker girl? I would never do anything like this!”

“Andrew is gonna know I’m up to something. This is so dumb.”

“How’s my hair? …I hope I look okay.”

“What if he doesn’t even like pastries? Or worse, what if he’s allergic?”

“Here I am embarrassing myself in front of Andrew once again…and what the hell is Issa upstairs doing?”

“I hope she’s not up there going through Nathan’s stuff.”

“She’s definitely up there going through Nathan’s stuff.”

“I can’t believe this girl went through his stuff!”

“Andrew will for sure never want to see me again… can I blame him?”

“See, Issa? This why Nathan ain’t calling you back. You are psycho!”

It’s okay, Molly. We know Issa isn’t the only one spinning out about life. We all have those voices, sometimes. It happens to the best of us. We hear you, girl.

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