South of the 10, for the Win

By Kindsey Young

Location, location, location... check out some of the L.A. spots “south of the 10” where Insecure has actually filmed.


The locations in Insecure are a very important aspect of the show. Insecure specifically highlights life in south L.A. and does a great job of painting a picture of those neighborhoods. I learned that L.A. natives call anything below the 10 Freeway, “South of the 10” — so now I make sure to always say that to make it seem like I’m hip to the L.A. way.

“There’s no L.A. bashing in the party Lyft,” is what Issa says to Nathan in Episode 1 after he goes on about the reasons he isn’t feeling L.A. Being an L.A. transplant, I can relate to Nathan. But, Issa argues he just isn’t going to the right places. When they have a second run-in at the taco spot Issa recommends to him, she ends up ditching work and taking him on a little excursion around the neighborhood. She shows him the best barbershop, where to get find good barbecue, the arts district… all the things her community has to offer. This walk and talk they share shows the strength of Issa’s love for her community.

I think it’s really cool how Insecure keeps the community in mind when choosing where to shoot certain scenes, so I’ve created a list of some of the “South of the 10” locations where we filmed over the last few seasons and the memorable moments for our characters that occurred at each.

Season 1

Post and Beam — Issa confesses to Molly that she had sex with Daniel. Molly tells her not to tell Lawrence… If she doesn’t plan on doing it again, that is.

Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles — A critically acclaimed L.A. staple, and where a newly in-love Chad tells Lawrence he’s engaged to a woman he just met.

Season 2

Ladera Park — The really nice park in Ladera Heights where a not-so-nice Lawrence ditches Tasha at her family barbecue. How rude.

Kenneth Hahn Park — The park in Baldwin Hills that Issa and Molly go to for a fake workout. It’s where Issa tells Molly she’s off Lawrence and has been dating on apps: “I just want us to be cool, I don’t even want him back.”

The Cork Bar and Grill — Issa and Molly have a night out. It’s a place where men try to catch and women try to get caught. Molly meets Lionel, but of course, Issa isn’t so successful.

Market Street — The street Issa is walking down when she’s reminded that gentrification is happening in the community she loves so much. “Best coffee in I-Wood!”

Season 3

Pann’s — Where Issa and Molly go for breakfast in the Season 3 premiere. Issa and Molly catch up: Issa can hear Daniel having sex with other women and Molly is taking control of her situations.“Bloop. Blip. Blam.”

The Jungles — The area where that famous Training Day scene went down. Yell that king-kong line if you want to… you may get a soda thrown at you.

Worldwide Tacos — The wait is long, but worth it. This is where Issa and Nathan have another run-in. She drops her taco, but he buys her another one. See? Chivalry ain’t dead for real.

Leimert Park — It’s a stop on Issa and Nathan’s walk and talk. According to Issa Dee: “It’s everything black. Black businesses, black food, black art.”

Simply Wholesome — The spot We Got Y’all employees go for lunch to talk about the racist logo. Issa learns she’s expected to be the “voice” of all black people at her job. Duh, Iss.

Brolly Hut — The burger joint in Inglewood that Issa and Daniel go to after the club shooting. They share fries, hypothetical eulogies, and their insecurities.

I don’t know about you guys, but I definitely use Insecure for a guide on where to go in L.A. All the food references, how could one not take notes?!

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