With the original series airing in the ‘90s, not much has changed for Kev’yn. He’s still all about family, friends, and most importantly — Kev’yn.
"The Original"

After agreeing to switch gender roles for a day, Kev'yn and Percy realize being a woman isn't a slice of cake. Check out one of the original episodes of Kev'yn.

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“Colin Kaepernicca” / “Black Wives Matter”

Kev'yn and Yolanda go overboard when exercising their right to protest on current social issues.

“Kev’yn, Forever”

Kev'yn and Yolanda invite their new, white neighbors over for a special gentrification feast.

“Repass the Chicken”

Kev'yn hosts a funeral for a close friend in the living room.


Due to recent developments in pop culture, Kev'yn struggles with adjusting his normal routine.

You'll be saying “Boo-yaaa!” all over again!