This Is America or "Fifty Bucks"
Hung | Season 1 | Episode 9

This Is America or "Fifty Bucks"

TV-MA | 28 MIN

Written by Angela Robinson
Directed by Seith Mann

Ray is disconcerted to learn that Damon is exploring a homosexual relationship with his friend Powell. Meanwhile, he continues to feel mounting financial pressures, but Tanya is struggling to find clients who can afford his fees. After feedback from Horny Patty that Ray is like cocaine (expensive and addictive) and she needs crack (same high, half the price), Tanya urges Ray to consider discounting his services.

Darby tries to suss out Damon's and Powell's relationship status as they navigate a climbing wall. Jessica cheers them on from below and apologizes again to Ronnie, insisting she doesn't care about his money. Wanting everything to go back to normal, Ron insists she go shopping at the sale he spotted at her favorite store.

Lenore calls Tanya for lunch and lets her have it for using her name to solicit Patty as a client. Lenore books a session with Ray - cash up front - and has him meet her after hours at the store where she "works." Before getting down to business, she gets him to try on a designer suit and gives him a lesson on branding, explaining that he shouldn't be lowering his price in this economy, he should be raising it. During sex, when she asks him to "diversify" he demands a surcharge. As she coaches him through the session, she begs him to team up with her: He's a major league guy playing on a minor league team.

Lenore spots Jessica at the sale and seduces her into abandoning the sale rack, explaining that as a life stylist she gets a fifteen percent discount. Ronnie is furious when he discovers Lenore and Jessica unpacking all of her purchases, and Lenore coaches an upset Jessica to remember: She has the power.

Meanwhile Tanya continues to strike out finding new clients who can afford Ray but when she raises it with Ray, he relays Lenore's advice. Not trusting Lenore, Tanya orders Ray to stop talking to her. When assistant coach Mike worries their jobs are in jeopardy, a cocky Ray insists they're safe: Everyone loves sports.