Strange Friends Or "The Truth Is, You're Sexy"
Hung | Season 1 | Episode 3

Strange Friends Or "The Truth Is, You're Sexy"

TV-MA | 29 MIN

Written by Dmitry Lipkin & Colette Burson
Directed by Scott Ellis

Ray's life continues to frustrate: His neighbor Koontz is on his case for urinating in the lake; he and Jessica continue to argue over the best way to parent the twins; and it turns out Lenore has disappeared, along with his wallet.

After several failed attempts, Tanya finally tracks Lenore down to her apartment and Lenore is incensed at T-Brain's insinuation that Lenore is a thief. She hands over the wallet, empty. Tanya returns it to Ray, $300 heavier, telling him the cash is his fee.

But after a depressing date with Floyd, the entrepreneur seminar leader, Tanya returns home to find Ray waiting for her. It turns out someone's taken $400 out on Ray's credit card, and he's not sure if it's Tanya or Lenore. Furious, Tanya tells him the truth: Lenore paid him "zero." Ray calls her the world's worst pimp and quits.

Tackling his house repair job himself since he can't afford the contractor, Ray comes across some cookies Tanya left him with "I'm Sorry" messages inside. He meets up with Tanya and tries to return the $300, but she refuses it, disgusted with her own failed pimping. Meanwhile, the twins are somewhat moved by their mother's adoption of an old and ailing dog to care for.

Lenore calls Tanya with the phone numbers of some potential clients for Ray, insisting the $400 she charged was a commission. Tanya balks, but accepts the referrals and puts a call in to Ray asking him to reconsider his vow to quit.