The Pickle Jar
Hung | Season 1 | Episode 4

The Pickle Jar

TV-MA | 29 MIN

Written by Colette Burson & Dmitry Lipkin
Directed by David Petrarca

Ray's outlook looks bleaker than ever when his students honor him with a tribute where he's presented a pickle jar containing the proceeds from their car wash fundraiser: $234 for his house repairs. Tanya, on the other hand, finally has some luck drumming up potential clients, but with Ray avoiding her calls there may be no business after all. Finally tracking him down, she informs Ray about two new appointments, and convinces him to give their endeavor another shot. However, things go south soon after Ray meets his first client Molly, who is older and heavier than he imagined, causing him to feign illness and excuse himself.

During a manicure outing with Jessica, Damon tells Darby that she deserves better than Hammer. Their family time is interrupted when Lenore, at the next station, discusses Molly's failed encounter with the profanity of a truck driver. When Jessica asks her to watch her language, Lenore gives her a business card urging her to call if she wants help picking out an outfit to match the "stick up her ass."

Ray takes a bath at Tanya's and explains his illness to her, which she suggests is psychosomatic. She becomes convinced when he adds that Molly isn't his type, and lectures him that discriminating based on appearance will not a successful business make. He agrees and insists that he's up for it, but they each have their doubts.

Ray takes the twins to a drive-in movie, where Darby chases after Hammer when she spots him with another girl. Damon joins the confrontation and picks a fight with Hammer, forcing Ray to rush in and break it up.

Turning to his pickle jar money for help with home repair, Ray is disappointed to find that it won't even cover the cost of one roof beam. Desperate times call for him to reschedule his appointment with Molly, assuring her he's been looking forward to their date. This time Molly is the one with the cold feet, offering Ray an easy out -- with pay. But just as he is about to leave, Ray has a change of heart; he tells Molly to relax and see what happens: He's a professional.